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Payday 2 essentials guide and walkthrough

Framing Frame, Day 3

During the final day of the job, you'll need to frame the senator. This means you'll have to get into his heavily guarded apartment.

A stealthy approach is a longer job, so we'll start there. Use the laptop on the roof (it is connected to the cameras inside) to locate the necessary electronic items. Now comes the sneaking: there are cameras and patrolling guards inside, so stay low and stay in motion to safely get the items you need.

With all items returned to the laptop, you'll gain access to the safe. Now you'll do almost the opposite of your previous move by taking bags of coke into the apartment. Apply the same movement principles to plant all bags inside the safe. With the drugs planted, you can return to your rooftop escape.

With a stealth approach, you can also steal gold from the same vault. To do so, you'll have to use a computer to disable the lasers inside. It's risky, but you'll get a far larger reward if you pull it off.

The quicker approach to day three is to forgo stealth. In this case, you'll have to open a server room (of course, this approach will also be required if you fail a stealth run). Once inside, upload incriminating files onto the senator's computer. This room also makes for a defensive position, so drop Doctor and Ammo Bags and hold off assault. With the files uploaded, you can escape via the roof.

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