Outlast Document and Note location guide

Chapter 7 – Return to the Administration Block 

Document 22: Billy’s Dreams
After escaping from the big guy through the air vent in a room on the left of the corridor, take the branch that goes off to the right then drop into the office to recover the document from the desk.

Document 23: The Spirit Breach
After pushing the body out of the air vent and dropping into the main corridor, enter the library to your left and look on the computer desk in the opposite corner.

Note 22: The Wernicke Exit Interview
When you arrive in the theatre a film will play on the screen. Aim your camera at it and record for a while until the note appears--this does take some time so don’t move away until you see the notification.

Document 24: Necrotizing Fasciitis
After leaving the theatre and heading down a dark corridor, the document is on top of some boxes in the lit room at the end.

Note 23: Static Prayer
Once you’ve unlocked the door and headed upstairs, you’ll pass through a kitchen and a large hall with an inmate staring out of the window. In the corridor beyond this is a recreation room on the right side, where you need to film the inmate praying in front of the television.

Document 25: The Gospel Of Judas
After squeezing through the wall into the corridor full of rooms with inmates praying, find room B329 and look on the desk inside.

Note 24: The Passion Of Father Martin
Use your camera to film Father Martin burning on the cross in the church.

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