Outlast Document and Note location guide

Chapter 6 – Female Ward 

Note 19: The Sound In The Machine
After climbing into the Female Ward and heading down the corridors, you’ll need to squeeze through a gap then hop through a window. Use you camera to record the noisy machine here.

Document 19: Walrider And Nightmares
After leaving the same area through a lit room, turn right when you reach the corridor and go all the way to the end to find this document under the broken stairs.

Note 20: No Safe Place
When you arrive in the area with the stairs and a wheelchair in the middle, point your camera at the body shut inside the lift.

Document 20: Project Paperclip Excerpt
Head down the stairs to the right of the lift, then look on the desk at the far side of the dark room.

Document 21: You Promised Me A Rose Garden
After falling through the floor and climbing back up again, go through the door into the next room then look on the bed in the far corner by the window.

Note 21: Lies
When you leave that room and see the Walrider, follow it down the corridor then enter the candlelit room on your right and film the bloody writing on the wall.

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