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Outlast Document and Note location guide

Chapter 2 – Prison Block 

Note 6: Father Martin’s Cell
After waking up in the padded cell, aim your camera at the writing scrawled on the walls.

Note 7: Necromantic
After leaving the first prison section through a gap in the wall and climbing up a ledge, film the inmate in a straitjacket you find here.

Document 7: Father Martin, Finger Painter
While following the trail of blood, you’ll go up some stairs and find an inmate looking at bloody writing on the wall. The document is to his left on a desk down the corridor.

Document 8: Purge Gate Maintenance Memo
After encountering the two guys behind a gate and climbing out of a window to get past them, climb through the broken window into the security room and look on the desk to your right.

Note 8: Total Security
When heading down the corridor to collect the keycard for the showers, look down and left to film the big guy ripping another inmate’s head off.

Document 9: Dr. Wernicke Death Certificate
After exiting the showers, go right then left to enter a room with a torture chair in the middle, and check the desk on your right.

Document 10: Dr. Wernicke Obituary
When following the alternative path to the showers and working your way up the prison block, after jumping to the second floor ledge look in the cell on your left.

Note 09: Walrider
After dropping through the hole in the floor to leave the prison block and heading down the stairs, point your camera at the bloody writing on the wall and lockers.

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