Outlast Document and Note location guide

Chapter 1 – Administration Block 

Document 1: The Whistleblower
Picked up automatically when you arrive at the Asylum in your car.

Note 1: Mount Massive Asylum
After entering through the front gate of the Asylum, point the camera at the building in front of you.

Document 2: Project Walrider Patient Status Report For William Hope
After climbing through the window into the Asylum and squeezing through the gap in the corridor, look on the desk in the second office on the left.

Note 2: I’m Inside
After dropping out of the air vent and heading through the dark library, film the tactical cop stuck on a spike.

Document 3: Warrant for Seizure
After being thrown through the window to the floor below, look behind the security desk in front of you.

Document 4: Project Walrider Patient Status Report For Chris Walker
Head through the dark computer area to a document storage room and look on the desk in the corner to your right.

Note 3: Broken Men And Dead Television
After making your way past the man in the wheelchair, aim your camera at the oblivious men watching static on a screen.

Note 4: The Witness
In the bathroom next to the Security Room, open the middle stall and film the corpse sat on the toilet.

Document 5: Project Walrider Profitability Report
In the office down the corridor past the Security Room, check on the desk at the far side of the room.

Note 5: Big Fucking Guy
After accessing the computer in the Security Room and being forced to hide in a locker, film the big guy who bursts in through the door.

Document 6: MKULTRA CIA Hypnotic Suicide
As soon as you squeeze through the initial gap in the wall in the basement, turn right and check the desk in the corner.

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