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No More Heroes 2 has a lingerie range

You can just imagine the look of surprise on her face as she opens the box and finds a sexy black and yellow corset and black silk stockings. It's a gift she'll never forget: underwear, and sexy underwear at that.

Little does she know it's the favoured costume of Naomi from No More Heroes 2.

The fun won't last long though. About as long as it takes for her to realise the fruity undergarments she's parading around the bedroom in strangely match the outift of a game character that appears on numerous game posters above your bed. That's when you're banished to the sofafor the evening.

The story is simple. To promote a game, its makers have launched a lingerie range - see it all below or inthis gallery.




If you wondering WHY? then you clearly haven't twigged that in order to get a game featured in a UK tabloid newspaper (or GamesRadar) you have to make sure you get a couple of underwear models to dress up as one of the female characters. This logic has been applied to fairly obscure cult Wii game No More Heroes 2. And it's worked a treat: it got in the Daily Sport and GamesRadar.

If you feel like you want to risk persuading the woman in your life to wear this stuff check out theBedTime flirt site, where you can buy it all from between £30 and £70. Just don't blame us for the consequences.

May 21, 2010

I hate the 267.