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Ni No Kuni errands guide

Errands [81-100]

Errand 081

Location: FairygroundStamps: 3Reward: Fire Frock, 700 Guilders

Once you go to Hamelin for the first time, you can speak to a man in the Fairygrounds who's missing his diary. Go to Teeheeti Island to find the diary beneath a piece of driftwood.

Errand 082

Location: HamelinStamps: 5 Reward: Gaudy Claws, 1000 Guilders

After going back to the future in Hamelin, you'll find the man once again missing his diary. The diary is located on the railway tracks near the entrances to the mine.

Errand 083

Location: YuleStamps: 5Reward: Dress Armor, 2000 Guilders

Once you've finished off the Glittering Grotto, the man missing his diary has done it again. This time it's in a wood glade to the west of Yule. Using Tengri, go west of Yule until you see a forest near the sea. Had in there to find a special dungeon with a forest person inside. Get the diary from him and then go back to Yule for spoils.

Errand 084

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 7Reward: Diva's Mantle, 3000 Guilders

Once you get access to the Ivory Tower, go to Castaway Cove to find the man who's lost his diary once again. You can find it on the stone monument near Nazcaa. There's a skull etched into the dirt here. Grab the diary and take it back to the man for a reward.

Errand 085

Location: Ding Dong DellStamps: 10Reward: Angel Wings x2, 5000 Guilders, Goddess Gown Recipe, Goddess Shield Recipe

Once you complete the game, continue. You can find the man missing his diary once again in Ding Dng Dell. The diary is now in an area south of Ding Dong Dell that will open up the way to Errang 131 for Oliver. It resembles Golden Cove, and you can find one tree in the middle of it. Go through the cave entrance and take the path until the end to get the diary. Take it back for a reward.

Errand 086

Location: Ding Dong DellStamps: 2Reward: Well Worn Sword (x1), 50 Guilders

In the Summerlands southeast of Ding Dong Dell, there's a gruffian that's stealing produce from farmers outside of town and they need it stopped immediately. Errand 086 is called Vegetable Thief, adn you need to pick it up at Swift Solutions. You need to head south from Ding Dong Dell to find the gruffian. He'll show up on the mini map as a blue dot and you can find him by a beach. Approach the Gruffian and challenge him. Make sure your MP is completely full and have Oliver pick off the gruffian's allies first, then work on the gruffian himself. Once you take him on, head back to Swift Solutions to get your reward.

Errand 087

Location: Ding Dong DellStamps: 2Reward: Salted Ice Cream (x4), 80 Guilders

Venture west from Ding Dong Dell and you'll find your target near a huge ribcage by the river. You can also see the target via minimap and blue dot. The grumpeafowl is simple to defeat, but make sure you try to keep him and the sleepeafowls from casting Drowsy Drops, since they'll put you to sleep, and that's immensely annoying. Then, head back to the Swift Solutions in Ding Dong Dell to get a reward.

Errand 088

Location: Golden GroveStamps: 2Reward: Milk Chocolate (x5), 200 Guilders

Find the Lumberwood monster (that you can use for Errand 048) by the Highlands south of Golden Grove. He's by the entrance to the west. He'll drop a turmeric root that you can use in turn for Errand 048.

Errand 089

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 2Reward: Shinbone Shield (x1), 200 Guilders

In the Summerlands in the Northern Shimmering Sands, you can find your target in the valley west of the Temple of Trials. Defeat his allies, then concentrate on him. Don't waste time with melee attacks, instead using magic to make the fight zip by.

Errand 090

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 3Reward: Flame Robes (x1), 300 Guilders

Find an adamantiger in the eastern desert. You should challenge this foe while at least level 14, then go at it with Esther's tactics set to "Keep Us Healthy" and "Attack Leaders' Target," and then use Oliver as your lead. When you finish the fight, you can look forward to some spoils.

Errand 091

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 3Reward: Fishburger (x4), 400 Guilders

East of Castaway Cove in the Summerlands you'll find that a monster has been hassling the shopkeepers. Onlyattempt this target with a team level 20 and up. In order to reach it, you'll need to create a bridge across the river here with the Bridge spell. The gobfather's minions need to be eliminated first, so kill them and then focus on the gobfather.

Errand 092

Location: Old SmokyStamps: 5Reward: Fire Seal (x1), 600 Guilders

Head to the foot of Old Smokey to find a monster who wants to make the volcano erupt. Magmoiselle can be found on the Old Smokey map, so go to Al Mamoon and from there go into the volcano. Go north from the entrance toward a broken robot. Your target is waiting beside the robot. Your enemy is slow and relies on melee attacks, so use magic spells with water elements to make the fight yours.

Errand 093

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 3Reward: Poison Pinch Arm (x1), 600 Guilders

On Robinson Island in the Summerlands, you can find a gang of monsters here attacking the cargo ships.

Errand 094

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 5Reward: Whalefish Tusk (x1), 800 Guilders

Near Robinson Island by the Southeastern Summerlands, there's a sea monster here wreaking havoc on seaworthy vessels. Take it out and you'll be rewarded handsomely.

Errand 095

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 5Reward: Sacred Dagger (x1), 800 Guilders

Go to the Shipwreck Shore in the Summerlands. Find a team of researchers being atatacked by a Collum. Kill it and receive your reward.

Errand 096

Location: HamelinStamps: 4Reward: Thunderspark Gem, 900 Guilders

On the Iron Bridge southwest of Hamelin, you can find a Steam Man who needs to be demolished for a reward.

Errand 097

Location: HamelinStamps: 6Reward: Lightning Bolt Spear, 1000 Guilders

On the cliffs south of Hamelin in Autumnia, you can find a Fluvius Maximus. Take it out and reap your reward.

Errand 098

Location: Ghostly GorgeStamps: 7Reward: Poisoner's Horn, 1200 Guilders

Once you go back to the future in Hamelin, had to the Ghostly Gorge in Autumnia. There's a gas monster that needs to be eliminated.

Errand 099

Location: Old SmokyStamps: 6Reward: Firewall Gem, 1500 Guilders

After going back to the future in Hamelin, head to the Old Smokey volcano. There's yet another monster here, a Magmadame this time, who's trying to get it to erupt. Defeat the monster and obtain your prize.

Errand 100

Location: BarrensStamps: 6Reward: Cappuccino (x3), 1500 Guilders

After going back to the future in Hamelin, you can find Shellraiser south of the Sky Pirate Den in the Barrens. Take out the sea turtle for spoils.