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Ni No Kuni errands guide

Errands [61-80]

Errand 061

Location: YuleStamps: 5Reward: Medal of Valor (x1), 2000 Guilders

After you complete the Glittering Grotto, find a Yeti in Yule to look for her son. In order to find him, you'll have to hit the streets and speak to the Yeti children of Yule. You'll be given a lead to check the Glittering Grotto for the missing child. Destroy 3 Turban Legend monsters and a Water Ogrrr. Once completed, return to the yeti for your reward.

Errand 062

Location: PerdidaStamps: 6Reward: Carnation Cake (x2), Wildflower Sundaes (x4), 2500 Guilders

After you defeat Khulan's nightmare in Perdida, you'll find a girl by the Very Swift Solutions shop who asks Oliver to find a flower from her dream. Conveniently, it's in Motor City. Find the little girl in Motor City and look at the flowers here. Use Rejuvenate to send the flower back to the girl and to bag your reward.

Errand 063

Location: PerdidaStamps: 7Reward: Tonic (x1), 2500 Guilders

After defeating Khulan's nightmare in Perdida, you can find an old man needing a cold pack from Yule. When you go there, the compress maker isn't ready to give up the goods just yet. You'll have to find and kill five Manglefish with the Blazing Blade weapon available for sale in yule. Buy one if you don't have it, then go out and kill some Manglefish. When you've completed this task, go get the cold compress. Return to Perdida and get your reward.

Errand 064

Location: PerdidaStamps: 6Reward: Leech Gum, 2500 Guilders, Alchemy recipes: Princess Chocolate, Fantastic Flan, Hot Cake, Knickerbocker Glory, Golden Pie, Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream

After defeating Khulan's nightmare in Perdida, you can speak to a llama near the town entrance who wants some babanas from Al Mamoon, a black truffle from Hamelin, a snow radish from Yule, and a glowshrimp from Castaway Cove. You can buy all these items inside Perdida.

Errand 065

Location: Ding Dong DellStamps: 8Reward: Radiant Blade, 3000 Guilders

Once you've finished off the Mutant King Tom boss in Ding Dong Dell, there's a gatekeeper here who's lost something precious -- cat whiskers. You can traack down the whisker thief in Rolling Hills. Follow the footprints to find an Igneous Supremous on the westernmost part of Rolling Hills, and defeat it. Return to the gatekeeper to receive your reward.

Errand 066

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 6Reward: Shield of the Pure (x1), 3000 Guilders

After fighting the Cowliphate in Al Mamoon, locate an artist who's needing inspiration for his painting. He's in the inn. The girl he seeks as his muse is in the forest village of Turtle Crag.

Errand 067

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 8Reward: Tikka Mahala (x20), 3000 Guilders

After fighting the Cowliphate in Al Mamoon, you can find the Raj Mahal curry vendor, who needs assistance with his deliveries. You need to take the orders to their respective buyers: Sheik of Spice, Governor of Castaway Cove, Hamelin fence, Skeleton bartender at the casinom and the forest village west of Ding Dong Dell. Return to Raj for a reward when complete.

Errand 068

Location: HamelinStamps: 7Reward: Dragon Lance (x1), 3000 Guilders

After fighting Porco Loco in Hamelin, you can find an NPC on the street beside Very Swift Solutions who needs a nap. He requires cappuccino, sleep-be-gone, and a familiar who can cast Rise and Shine. If you don't have a familiar to do so, complete Errand 018 for the gem as a reward, which works just the same.

Errand 069

Location: Skull MountainStamps: 10Reward: Kaleido Stones (x2), 5000 Guilders, Alchemy recipes: Star Eater's Claws and White Stag's Tooth

Once you complete the game, continue playing. You'll find a fairy in Golden Grove who needs your help. He's got to find all of his friends. Find each of them at The Barrens, Vault of Tears, Motor City, Mine Cave east of Hamelin, and the village on Jack Frost's Playground.

Errand 070

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 10Reward: Evil Eye (x2), 5000 Guilders, Alchemy recipes: Primordial Sword, Planet Splitter, Longshank, Omniseal

Once you finish the game, continue. There's a boy in Castaway Cove who found a treasure map with seven locations that need to be checked out: No Longer Mine, Barrens, Tiny Island, Bungler's Bay, Shipwreck Shore, Billy Goat's Bluffs, and Swan Island. Once you've traveled to each location, you need to spell out the following in the form: KUBLA13. Go head to the pirate captain and speak to him, then go to Broken Crown. Cast Rejuvenate on the stone here, then read it. Head back to the boy in Castaway Cove.

Errand 071

Location: Al MamoonStamps: 4 Reward: Stardrop, Moondrop, 500 Guilders

After you pass the Temple of Trials in Al Mamoon, you'll be summoned by Derwin to bring him a few creatures from the desert: Little Bighorn, Shrimpaler, Bonehead, and Green Buncher, to be exact. You must have them on your team or in your reserves for them to count, so make sure you don't have them away at the Familiar Retreat. This Errand may take a while to complete, but keep at it.

Errand 072

Location: HamelinStamps: 5Reward: Sundrop (x2), Planetdrops (x2), 2000 Guilders

In Hamelin, find Derwin by the inn. He's looking for a Tin Man, Clinkety Clank, and Sprog Cog. You'll need to Serenade these monsters, then come back to him with them in your party or reserve for a reward.

Errand 073

Location: YuleStamps: 6Reward: Jumbo Stardrop, Jumbo Sundrop, 3000 Guilders

Find Derwin in Yule, and he'll ask you to find an Ice Queen, Sasquatch, and Lotus Bobbud. Find them all, Serenade them, and then come back for your reward.

Errand 074

Location: PerdidaStamps: 7Reward: Jumbo Moondrops (x2), Jumbo Planetdrops (x2), 5000 Guilders

After finishing off Khulan's nightmare in Perdida, you can find Derwin, who's in need of these monsters; Flash Fry, Thumpy Dumper, and Wispula. You can't find any of them in the wild, unfortunately, so you need to pick up their second-stage forms instead: Deep Fry, Sharper-Parper, and Ghost Wisperer. Pick up these familiars and level them up to metamorphosis level, then return with them to Derwin.

Errand 075

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 8Reward: Lumberwood Ticket, Relixx Ticket, Dinoceros Ticket, 8000 Guilders

Complete the game and then return to Ding Dong Dell to meet up with Derwin again, who needs more creatures. You need an Auric Collum, Spiked Turtle, and Grubby Fug. Collect them and return to Derwin for your spoils.

Errand 076

Location: Castaway CoveStamps: 3Reward: Rings-A-Bell (x2), Wetstone (x2), 400 Guilders, Shadowglass Knife Recipe, Divine Dagger Recipe, Watchmaker's Ax Recipe, Knucklebone Claws Recipe, Toughened Armor Recipe, Scale Shield Recipe, Stripy Cloak Recipe, Breezy Cloak Recipe, Poisoned Fang Recipe, Stalwart Scale Recipe

Once you unlock the alchemy pot in Castaway Cove, you need to create a Candle Cutter. You need an Emberstone and Flint Dagger for this. Emberstones can be gathered by finding monsters to slay in the Shimmering Sands, and you can buy a Flint Dagger in Al Mamoon. Use the two ingredients via Mix and Match and create a Candle Cutter, then give it to the little girl in Al Mamoon.

Errand 077

Location: Shipwreck ShoreStamps: 5Reward: Fogdrop (x2), Coldstone (x2), 1500 Guilders, Champion's Sword Recipe, Royal Spear Recipe, Champion's Spear Recipe, Crucible Claws Recipe, Six Wind Claws Recipe, Champion's Armor Recipe, Champion's Tunic Recipe, Champion's Shield Recipe, Champion's Helm Recipe, Champion's Cloak Recipe, Soulfang Necklace Recipe, Salamander Scale Recipe, Ironclad Badge Recipe

After going to the future in Hamelin, you can find some NPCs up in the forest in Shipwreck Shore. They're participating in some alchemy. There, you'll be asked to make a Royal Spear. You can find the formula to craft it in your Wizard's Book, and it requires 2 jade marbles, 2 Shadowglass, and two lumps of raw steel. Get it all together in the cauldron and return to the people in the forest to be rewarded.

Errand 078

Location: Shimmering SandsStamps: 7Reward: Troll's Tears (x2), Glowstone (x2), 5000 Guilders

Once you finish the game, continue. The alchemy master of the Shimmering Sands can teach Oliver additional alchemy recipes here if you do his errand. He'll have a handful of crafting assignments for you. You need to make a Demon's Ax first, so you'll need a Grand Ax, Black Wings x2, and Tachestone x3. Once you've made the Demon's Ax, give it to the alchemist. He'll ask you to combine it with a Kaleidostone and Scroll of Truth to get a War God's Ax. Your ingredients are: Scroll of Truth x5, Kaleidostone x5, and Demon's Ax. Talk to him after doing so for a reward.

Errand 079

Location: Ding Dong DellStamps: 3Reward: Giant's Tooth, 50 Guilders

Once you defeat Hickory Doc, you can find a larger man by the Ding Dong Dell Inn who's lost his diary. Recover the diary on an island northwest of Ding Dong Dell, bring it back to the man, and find your reward.

Errand 080

Locations: Old SmokyStamps: 3Reward: Hallowed Habit, 200 Guilders

Once you defeat Moltan in Old Smokey, you can find a man who's lost his diary by the entrance to Cowliphate's palace. The diary will be by the foot of Old Smokey. Search along the crack in the trail until you see an exclamation point over Oliver's head, and the diary will be there. Go back to the man in Al Mamoon to cash in.