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NBA 2K13 career guide

Upgrading Your Pro

All that hard-earned VC will go towards making your pro Hall of Fame-worthy. Beefing up your attributes is incredibly important, but it’s even more important to know which attributes to focus on during your first season. As a low-rated bench player, there are plenty of attributes that won’t be up to snuff compared to starting NBA talent. It can be easy to fall into the trap of evening out your skills as you progress. Don’t follow that line of thinking. You’ll want to key in on just a few aspects of your game to elevate to the next level. With such limited playing time, having a well-rounded skill set is rather pointless. Being a tremendous outside shooter, a great rebounder, or stout defender off the bench is much more beneficial to your earning more and more VC during an actual game.

In addition to standard attributes, you can also unlock Signature Skills for you player. These skills are a bit more expensive than standard attributes, but they also have some nice advantages to bestow upon your player. Signature Skills fall into three categories (offense, defense, other), and can really take one aspect of your player’s skills to another level. While costly, it does behoove you to invest in at least one signature skill by mid-season of your rookie year. By choosing one Signature Skill, you can focus on the moments boosted by its benefits, and potentially earn even more VC during each and every game. For example, by purchasing Corner Specialist, you earn a 2 percent skill boost to every three taken from the corner while standing still. It doesn’t sound like much, but your rookie needs every advantage he can get. More skills are reserved for veterans, and as you play, you’ll discover which Signature Skills suit you best.

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