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NBA 2K13 career guide

Legendary Training Drills

These are a bit easier to figure out from a value perspective. Depending on your position and the attributes you want or need to improve, the choice of which legend to train with is fairly self-explanatory. Larry Bird will teach you how to take better jump shots. Michael Jordan will teach you how to do layups and dunks. John Stockton will teach you how to pull off moves while dribbling. Obviously big men don’t need to spend much time with legends like Stockton and Jerry West, and guards don’t really need to learn from Bill Russell or Hakeem Olajuwon. However, if you’re a more versatile player, there’s something to be learned from each of the pros.

If you’ve followed our blueprint and created a guard/forward hybrid, each of the legends will have something to offer you. In your first season though, Larry Bird will prove most useful for improving your shooting ability, while Isaiah Thomas can teach you triple threat dribbling skills to keep your opponent guessing. Combined, these two legends can give you a quick boost in areas that will help your pro succeed at a quicker rate.

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