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NBA 2K13 career guide

Skill drills break down into three areas: offense, fundamentals, and combination. All nine of the drills available will award you three tiers of VC depending on how you perform, with the ultimate goal being to attain gold rankings. Since some of the drills are much more difficult than others to obtain a gold ranking in, it makes more sense to merely repeatedly attempt the drills you’re good at getting gold in to earn as much VC as possible.


Shooting – Here you’ll compete against one other teammate in a “king of the hill” style shooting exhibition. There are about a dozen different shooting squares all over the court. Make a shot from a spot to claim it, and steal the opponent’s square by making a shot from one of his claimed areas. Stealing squares is more valuable than earning empty ones.

Dribble course – All you’ve got to do here is dribble the ball through a series of cones, and make a shot at the other end of the court. There are three laps to complete, with the second and third having defensive standees blocking your path to the hoop. It’s very, very easy to get gold ratings on the course, and it’s one of the best ways to build up VC early in your career.

Knockout – One of the more challenging drills, knockout requires excellent shooting and reflexes to earn any VC. You’ll be in line with four other teammates, and will either have to make a shot before the player behind you can sink one to stave off elimination, or make a shot before the player in front of you to eliminate them from the drill. Knockout is not a drill that will earn rookies enough VC for the time and effort involved.

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