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NBA 2K13 career guide

Welcome to the NBA

After finding out what team you’ll be playing for, it’s time to make a name for yourself. Literally. Social networking plays into your career now, and before you can step on the court in your new uniform you’ll have to pick a Twitter handle. Twitter enables you to earn fans locally and globally, and though you can’t interact with any persons specifically through Twitter, you can engage fans in other ways via the social networking menu.

On the social network page, you can see how many fans you have, what type of chemistry you have with your team, and how supportive the local fans are. You can boost your popularity with both teammates and fans through a variety of different options (visiting a hospital, taking the team out for dinner), but at the cost of valuable VC. All of the support-building options cost 500 VC each, which at the onset of a career is incredibly cost prohibitive. You can build up strong team chemistry and local fan support by performing well in games for free, so the only reason to ever spend funds on popularity is when you have excess points to spend. That probably won’t happen during your first season.

Before heading off to your first game, you should take note of the other developmental tools you have at your disposal to make your player even better. There are nine different skill drills, as well as nine different Legends Training Camps. The skill drills will help you earn additional VC during the week, while the Legends Training Drills will actually improve your attributes just by completing them. You’re limited to three skill drills per week, and just two Legendary Training Drills per season. While the skill drills are free, meeting with any of the legends in the game will cost you a pretty virtual penny. That said, the stat increases you get from the Legendary Training Drills are worth the price, as is the valuable tutelage you’ll get from players like Larry Bird and Isaiah Thomas.

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