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Murdered: Soul Suspect ghost stories guide

Terror on the Tracks 

1: When you first enter the museum, go into the main hall and then make a right. Make another right and go to the far corner on the other side of the arm pits to find this piece there.

2: In the same room as the previous piece, go to the opposite corner at the far end of the room to get this rock.

3: Just outside the entrance to the East Wing where the previous two pieces were, go through the wall behind the two display cases and you will enter a small room. Grab the rock from the ground there.

4: Now go back to the lobby and go all the way to the opposite end. Go through the wall and you will enter the train station. Look on the far side of the room in the centre to find this rock.

5: After you gather all the clues in the main hall, you can then access the second floor. Go through the door to the second floor stairs on the right and when a train chugs past, go to the right and enter the washroom there to find this rock on the ground.

6: After the previous piece, you will need to teleport down the train tracks to get past the train. On the second alcove you teleport to, this rock will be on the ground.

7: The next teleport jump from the previous rock will take you to a stationary train car. Go to it and look on the ground to see the rock in the corner.

8: Once on the second floor, enter the second floor gallery and on the left side at the far end of the first area will be this rock.

9 & 10: Go to the right of the previous piece and you will find these two rocks together at the other end of the gallery.

11: Go through the door to the third floor stairs from the second floor gallery and you will find this rock just on the other side of the doors.

12: As soon as you reach the third floor, look to the left to find this rock atop the stairs.

13: When you enter the Restoration Room, go to the far back wall and this rock piece will be against the wall.

14: Inside the break area, to the left of the Restoration Room will be this rock sitting on the ground in the corner.

15: To the left of the Break Area, there are a couple of elevators and just to the left of them is another doorway leading down a long hallway. Just inside the doorway on the left is the final rock for the story.

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