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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Ithildin locations guide

Fort Morn 

Ithildin #25 - enHardhon

Immediately south of the Forge Tower is a bridge. Head to its southern edge and check the west-facing wall to find this.

Ithildin #26 - Mi chand eMorchir

There's a tall tower at the southern tip of the map. Head there and climb up to find another symbol high above the earth.

Tirith Mesas 

Ithildin #27 - Natha le calad arphigad

Head northeast from the Forge Tower to find a lone ruined tower along the northern border of the mesas. Check its north-facing side for a high altitude Ithildin symbol.

Ithildin #28 - ban a gellatha

Now head to the northeastern border of the area. Climb the ruined tower here and check the east-facing wall for another symbol.

Celon Poros 

Ithildin #29 - Nin gostatha gwaith

Head to the northwestern corner of the area to find a pillar near a seaside cliff. There's an Ithildin symbol on it.

Cape of Nurn 

Ithildin #30 - Ah an noded rammas

Head northwest from the Forge Tower--all the way to the long wall on the west side of the cape. Climb to the tower attached to said wall to find a symbol facing north.

Watcher's Landing 

Ithildin #31 - nor eduath

There are two large piers at the landing. Head across the eastern one and climb into the tower to find this inside.

Nurnen Peninsula 

Ithildin #32 - An adleithad

Upon entering the stronghold, head for the rock on the eastern side of the peninsula. The final Ithildin symbol is found here.

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Sea of Nurnen

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