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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Ithildin locations guide

Harad Basin 

Ithildin #17 - Nau dan I ngaurhoth

You'll find this directly northwest of the Forge Tower. Check a few stories up to spot it on the wall of a ruin.

Ithildin #18 - Lach Mab Gelebren

There's a massive cave north of the Forge Tower--you'll explore it as part of a story mission. The symbol can be spotted on a cave wall past the first climbable ledge while making your escape.

Ithildin #19 - Achortho Vorn

There's a bridge just south of the Forge Tower. Climb around its east-facing side to find this symbol high above the ground.

Maw of Hope 

Ithildin #20 - tolo dan nan galad

Near the centre of the stronghold is a massive tower--the tallest in the area, in fact. Climb to the top, then check inside the lip of the steeple to find this.

Ithildin #21 - A Elbereth Gilthoniel

On the eastern edge of the stronghold is a large tent. Check the north-facing side of the high ledge behind it to find this symbol.

Executioner's Watch 

Ithildin #22 - Naur an edraith ammen

There's a small bridge in the northwest corner of this zone. Check underneath for an Ithildin symbol.

Thang Talath 

Ithildin #23 - Galad na 'Lamoth

There's a large cave containing a temple at the southern edge of the map. Head inside, and check to your right upon entering the temple area to spot this symbol on the wall.

Fern Outskirts 

Ithildin #24 - Tol acharn

There's a bridge just southeast of the Forge Tower. Check under its southernmost arch to find this.

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