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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Ithildin locations guide

Durthang West 

Ithildin #9 - i achortha ivorn

There's a large bridge that cross the eastern border of the area. The symbols is pasted midway across it, facing north. Hang down and shimmy over to examine it.

Durthang Keep 

Ithildin #10 - Achared

This area is basically one giant ruin; head to the northeast tower. Climb up to find this against the area's border.

Durthang Outskirts 

Ithildin #11 - puigadol dagor

A large bridge crosses from Durthang Keep into Durthan Outskirts. Check underneath to find this.

Ithildin #12 - Tridaeol chith efuin

This is right near the previous Ithildin symbol. Continue south and scale the cliff, then head to the north-facing wall of the large ruin. There's a bent gate you can shimmy past to find a symbol in a small cell.

Uldun Crossing  

Ithildin #13 - Erio o thelaith gurth

This is found just south of the bridge into the Black Road. Climb the small ruin to reach it.

West Garrison 

Ithildin #14 - Tri laich

This area has a large watchtower built into a cliff. Climb onto the rocky part and look around the northern end of the tower to find this.

Ithildin #15 - Nathadhir edwegennin

You'll find this at the very southern edge of the map. Climb up in the scaffolding to read it off the wall.

Southern Udun Pass 

Ithildin #16 - i'Warth, dangarnen

Head southwest from the Forge Tower and climb the tall ruin near the edge of the map. The symbol is on a west-facing wall.

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