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Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Ithildin locations guide

Uldun Foothills 

Ithildin #1 - Edwenno o gwath

The first symbol is near the first Forge Tower. After battling the Uruks, drop off the bridge on the eastern edge of the zone. You'll find this underneath.

The Black Gate 

Ithildin #2 - i naudhir edhil

The second symbol is in the northeastern section of the zone. There's a wooden structure connected to the cliff that runs down the right edge of the map. Look for a north-facing wall with a hole at ground level. Shimmy through to the find the symbol on a wall inside.

The Black Road 

Ithildin #3 - Nu nam nin

This is found just south of the Forge Tower. Climb a few feet up the column to examine it.

Uruk's Hollow 

Ithildin #4 - Ochedin Valannor

Finding this Ithildin requires entering the Uruk's Hollow stronghold, so use caution when exploring the area. The symbol can be found at ground level on the western side of the area. Look for an alcove at the base of a large watchtower--the symbol is inside.

Ithildin #5 - Natha Tognir inAinn

This symbol is near the top of the massive watchtower on the eastern side of the camp. Climb all the way up to find it printed on the stone wall.

Barrows of Uldun 

Ithildin #6 - di 'weriennin anann

There's big tower on the eastern border of the area. Climb it to find this.

Ithildin #7 - Nan iChir Gelair Mordor

Immediately northeast of the Forge Tower is another ruined structure. Climb to its top to find this symbol.

Ithildin #8 - Ivab gelebren

You'll find the next Ithildin symbol directly west of here. Scale another wall to examine it.

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