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Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence review

PlayStation 2's best game just got better

Disc two is a treasure trove of bonus content, but it's not just concept art and commentaries.For starters, you get an entirely new, online Metal Gear, fittingly titled Metal Gear Online. This bonus is worth the reasonable price of admission alone. It offers competitive online play with a decidedly MGS style. Several modes are available beyond the typical deathmatch, including ones that have a lone player controlling Snake on missions to steal items while seven other human players hunt him. Trademark MGS items, weapons and characters make appearances. Hide in a box, greet someone with a friendly flamethrower to the face or grab the family jewels as pretty-boy Russian officer Raikov. Each of the lead characters have special attributes (Raikov is immune to being suckered by girly mags- go figure) and a couple of the lovely female wrestlers from Konami's Rumble Roses games even show up. It might look like a SOCOM copycat in still pictures, but playing it is something fresh and exciting. We can't wait to see how the gameplay tested in MGO is expanded on in MGS4.

More Info

DescriptionSubsistence actually has something more than a few goofy extras to lure people back.
US censor ratingMature
Alternative namesMGS 3: Subsistence, Metal Gear Solid III: Subsistence, Metal Gear Solid III: Subsistence
Release date4 March 2004 (US), (UK)