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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Amulet pieces location guide

Chapter 5-1: Getting Warmer

Amulet Piece #13:
Just after you use a water spout on the second encountered lava creature, near the pink doorway, you will enter a room with another creature on the ground. To reach the piece, use the water on the lava creature and then push it onto the pillar. Raise it up and then jump over to the right ledge, then over to the left to where the eye was. Now jump up and to the left again to find a small room. Pull down the vine on the ceiling and climb up to get the piece.

Chapter 5-2: Chamber of Fire

Amulet Piece #14:
Once you have the fire power in your marker, enter the next room that has a purple fire spot. Use the flames to break down the walls in front of the spot as well as the rocks on the ceiling. Once the rocks drop, use the platform to jump up and to the left to find a small opening above the purple fire spot. It’s tricky to see, but it’s there. Crawl on in and the piece is in the next room.

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