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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Amulet pieces location guide

Chapter 3-1: Lost in the Dark

Amulet Piece #8:
When you enter the cave area with a green vine directly in front of you and a long drop below you, go down and you will come to a green lit statue of an ant. Go to the left and climb up the platforms there. The piece will be above you, but to reach it you will need to draw a branch down from the ceiling and then have the vine on the left side attach to it. Climb up the vine and hop over to the platform on the right. Jump off to the right to grab the piece, and don’t worry about the spikes in the ceiling.

Chapter 3-2: Lantern Bugs

Amulet Piece #9:
After the giant log has fallen and you've gotten the eye that was to the right on the branch, connect the vine on the left to the branch on the upper left. Cut the base of the vine so that it is still attached to the branch and then climb on and up to the branch. Now to the upper right you will see another vine you can pull out--it’s a long one, so pull it out and attach it to the branch you are on. Now cut it on the right side so that the vine is still attached to the branch and hanging down. Climb down it and you will now be just above the water. Swing to the left to find the piece there.

Chapter 3-3: Sliding Escape

Amulet Piece #10:
Once you have escaped the large beast and raised the pillar to reach the upper area, you will immediately come to a pit filled with red vines. There will also be evil eyes on either side, the piece however is directly above the pit. To reach it, simply draw out a staircase with the branch and then climb on up to get it.

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