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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Amulet pieces location guide

Chapter 1-3: Sea of Sand

Amulet Piece #1:
Near the start of the chapter, you will need to raise 4 pillars to get across to your first encounter with the creature that explodes gas. When you raise the 4 pillars, don’t raise the fourth too high as you will need to hop on it and run to the right, under the platform above. The piece will be directly in front of you.

Chapter 1-4: Blackrock Canyon

Amulet Piece #2:
When you reach the first spikester and the barnacle hanging from the ceiling, let the barnacle grab the spikester and then raise it on the pillar. Once it is up, jump on it and then jump over to the platform on the right to reach the piece.

Chapter 1-5: The Crossing

Amulet Piece #3:
Once you make your way over the roof of the house just after the henchman, drop down to the ground and there will be a critter that explodes. Let it do its thing and then crawl through the small opening to the left to enter the building. Raise the pillar and the piece will be there.

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