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Mass Effect 3 walkthrough

Rannoch: Quarian Escape Pod/Geth Comm Hub

Before you can proceed to the next story mission on Rannoch, there are once again two side-missions you must choose from to proceed. Both take place on Rannoch, so after destroying the Geth dreadnought, merely fly over to Rannoch, and choose to either attempt to rescue Admiral Koris, or shut down the Geth server controlling the Geth fighter squadrons. Unlike the previous set of side-missions that had to be completed before Tuchanka, if you wish to complete the second optional mission, you must do it before setting down on Rannoch for the Priority mission.

Rannoch: Quarian Escape Pod

Objective: Disable the AA guns

Though you can take whomever you want as a part of your squad for this mission, it’s recommended to take Tali with you. Her skill set is perfectly suited for combat against the Geth. As your shuttle approaches the landing zone, it comes under fire from anti-air guns the Geth have installed. Shepard and the squad will have to disable the guns before the search from Admiral Koris can continue. Once you land, proceed along the path to the right. A short walk will lead to a crashed escape pod. There are some Geth Troopers and Pyros in the area. Take them out. To the right of the wreckage you’ll find some Wreckage to salvage near a fire.

Continue up the path, being careful to avoid the mines placed by the Geth. Immediately after the first mine, you’ll find a Javelin rifle near some dead Quarians. As you move along the path to the left, you’ll spot some Geth searching more wreckage below you. Take them out while you have the high ground. When you proceed below, a few more Geth will pop up. Eliminate them quickly, and then head down the path to the left of the crashed pod. This will bring you to the first Geth installation.

There are Geth Rocket Troopers and Assault Troopers stationed here. Use powers like Sabotage to turn them on each other while firing on them from cover. In the center there is some Geth Technology to salvage. Grab that, and then head towards the AA Gun Control to disable the first set of guns. Keep Tali at your side for combat, and choose the other member of your squad to disable the guns. A wave of Geth forces, including a Geth Prime, will attack. Defend your squadmate while they work to shut down the guns.

Just as you finish taking out the Geth, your squadmate will finish disabling the gun controls. Continue up the path where the Geth appeared. To your left you’ll find an Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade III and a Med Kit. As you wind around the path, stick to the left and hop up to the small ledge. There’s a Shotgun Shredder Mod II near a dead Quarian. Beneath that item, you’ll find some Geth Parts to salvage. Continue forward until you find Dorn’Hazt. Speak with him to learn that you can radio the Admiral once the jamming tower ahead has been taken down.

Just ahead of Dorn’Hazt you’ll find the SMG Magazine Upgrade II. Pick it up, and then make your way across the bridge. You have the choice of which direction to go first, but both AA guns must be taken out before the jamming tower can be destroyed. Head to the left, then drop the ladder on the left hand side quickly as you can. The Geth have a mounted turret set up, and dropping down below will allow you to bypass it. There’s an opening on your right to get back to the platform. Hop up, and take down all the Geth present.

Once you’ve managed to do that, pick a squadmate to disable the AA gun again. This time you can hop in the turret to pick off the Geth arriving as backup. After the first gun has been disabled, head towards the door located between the two guns. Before heading through, look to your right to find the Jamming Tower Data. Grab that, and then move into the next area. Again eliminate the Geth present, pick someone to disable the AA gun, and defend them from another squad of Geth reinforcements. Next to the AA gun console, you’ll find the Armax Arsenal Chestplate. Make sure to grab it before your squadmate disables the gun.

Objective: Protect Admiral Koris

After the second AA gun is shut down, Shepard will signal the shuttle to come in and attack the jamming tower. This allows you to contact Admiral Koris. Once you’ve got his location, you’ve got to go pick him up. Shepard will mount a turret on the shuttle, and you’ll have to take down two waves of Geth forces before the Admiral will jump on board. With the Admiral rescued, the shuttle heads back to the Normandy.

Rannoch: Geth Comm Hub

Objective:  Destroy the Reaper coding

You arrive at the Geth Comm Hub with the intent of destroying the Reaper code controlling the Geth Fighter Squadrons. Legion has a plan, which involves Shepard injecting his consciousness into the program. Once inside, you’ll have to destroy blocks of code to shut down the Geth. All you’ve got to do is follow the platforms being created in front of you. Every time you come across a piece of infected code, you blast it with the virtual weapon you’ve been equipped with. Don’t worry about running out of ammunition, as it regenerates automatically.

Eventually you will come to a Data Cluster. Blasting all the infected code blocks away will open up an access point to the next area. Again, follow the path as it materializes in front of you, eliminating any code strands along the way. There are two data clusters to take out in this section. Once you do so, another access point opens bringing you back out to the real world. When you leave the machine, you learn that Legion has reprogrammed control of a Geth Prime squadron, who will now join your cause against the Reapers.