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Mass Effect 3 walkthrough

Chapter Eight: Thessia

Head back to the Citadel after finishing up on Rannoch. Once there, head to the Embassies where Udina’s room used to be so you can speak with the Asari councilor. She informs you of a potential relic on her homeworld of Thessia that may be of some help in finding the catalyst for the Crucible. After your meeting with the councilor, head back to the Normandy and set course for Thessia.

Objective: Find route to Asari Temple

Liara must go along with you on this mission. Make sure whoever else you decide to take is a good compliment to her abilities. Upon landing, you find the landing zone is extremely hot. Exit the shuttle, and proceed down the rubble to the right. There you’ll find the Umbra Visor and some Supplies to salvage. There’s a group of Asari soldiers standing to your left. Go speak with Lieutenant Kurin. As soon as you do, the barrier the soldiers have been trying to hold breaks down. Mount the cannon on the wall, and mow down any Husks and Brutes that come down the path.

After a short while the Reapers will stop attacking. Lt. Kurin tells you there’s a detachment of soldiers trying to reach the scientists at the same temple Shepard is trying to find. Kurin informs the soldiers Shepard is on the way, and opens the barricade so you can proceed.

Head straight down the path in front of you. You’ll encounter some Cannibals and Marauders during this first stretch. Take them out, and then continue through the wrecked building into the courtyard below. A seemingly endless stream of Cannibals and Marauders will attack. Once you’ve taken out the initial waves, a Banshee will appear near the way out. Take her down, and make sure to pick up all the ammo and Med Kits scattered around the courtyard before continuing on.

Hop up through the damaged building, and on your left you’ll find a Terminal to salvage. Bypass the doorway ahead, and then drop down into the open area below. There are a few Cannibals here, but there are also some Asari snipers to help you deal with the threat. Before exiting the courtyard up the stairs directly beneath where the snipers were, head to the right to find a Broken Shotgun to salvage.

Go up to the balcony where the snipers were to find one lone Asari soldier holding ground against more Marauders and Cannibals. Grab the Sniper Rifle Concentration Module III, Med Kit, and M-98 Widow before you drop down. Continue following the winding path through the rubble until you come to Outpost Tykis. The Asari there informs you she’s the only one left, but she can possibly get you some air support to break through the Reaper forces blocking the path to the temple.

The Asair gunships will take out some of the Reapers, but you’ll still have to battle a fair share of Ravagers and Banshees. Climb up the platforms, and head right when you reach the top. More Ravagers and Husk are waiting there. Two Harvesters will also appear when you near the end. Focus all your efforts on taking them down only after you’ve destroyed the Barrier generator below where they’ve landed.

Just around the next corner is the entrance to the temple. Pick up the SMG Heat Sink III before heading to the terminal on the right to drop the shielding protecting the entrance. There’s a Med Kit to the left after you enter. Proceed straight down the path to the large statue in the center of the temple. Investigating the statue will activate a Prothean beacon. You’ve got to power it up a bit more, so check the surrounding statues to activate them as well. There are three more to find, and you can spot them by the blue-green glow they have.

After activating all the statues, a Prothean VI awakens, and a cutscene plays out. Kai Leng appears again, and you’ll have to battle him. Make sure to engage him from behind cover as he will call in a gunship to provide covering fire. After your battle, Kai Leng escapes with the VI, and you return to the Normandy without any good news for Admiral Hackett. Fortunately, Specialist Traynor was able to trace Kai Leng’s ship to Horizon.