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Marvel's Avengers the game: how to pre-order Marvel's Avengers for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Marvel's Avengers the game: How to pre-order Marvel's Avengers for PS4, Xbox One and PC
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Although it's been delayed a little bit, getting your Marvel's Avengers the game pre-order done and in the bank now is the best approach to ensure you can become your favorite superhero, each with their own custom abilities, as soon as is possible. Arranging a Marvel's Avengers pre-order before the September 4, 2020 release date will guarantee you are playing on day one, but also net you some extra pre-order goodies such as skins and early access.

January's news that Marvel's The Avengers was delayed from May until September, started this year with a bit of a frown for those looking forward to becoming their favorite superhero. However, there have been a few nuggets since then to get us going and reignite our eagerness-fires. For example, a big one was a leak from a while ago that - if you don't mind slight spoilers - revealed the achievements list which seems to give away big deets and enemy info. The latest trailer we had - post confirmation of the game's delay - revealed some clues about each hero's combat styles and plays, as well as some story and plot lines that the game is going to carve its own canon out of. We have high hopes for this game and we've highlighted it as one of the 20 games that will shape the conversation in games this year - read more about that in our feature.

Anyway, there's plenty of time for further reading later on after you've done the most important thing - pre-ordering Marvel's Avengers the game on your platform of choice. First up, there are three main versions of the game up for pre-order, each with varying bonuses that you'll find out more on below. Earth's Mightiest is the mother of all versions available to pre-order; Deluxe is a quality middle-ground offering, and the Standard version is the simplest one going, but you still get a couple of goodies for reserving your copy of that. And that's because any version of a Marvel's Avengers pre-order will get you: a Marvel legacy nameplate; a Marvel legacy outfit pack for your in-game heroes; and online beta access. These items, on top of getting the finished product on day one, makes knowing how to pre-order Marvel's Avengers the game mighty, heroically, emphatically tempting.

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The best Marvel's Avengers the game pre-order deals 

The usual retailers are all listing Marvel's Avengers the game for pre-order and you can, on the whole, just visit your usual one to find the right pre-order copy for you. Be aware that retailers, on both sides of the Atlantic, have got a few exclusives and special things that only they are throwing in so be on the lookout for what else you might be able to get for your money. For example, with the standard editions, Amazon pre-orders will bag you the comic (though this might alter the UK price by the looks of things), Best Buy is offering a steel book, and Walmart gets you six patches. So be vigilant but still use the following information as good guidance on what you can get in time for this autumn's release.

Marvel's Avengers pre-orders - Earth's Mightiest Edition

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Go big with the most bombastic version of Marvel's Avengers the game pre-order options. The Earth's Mightiest Edition gets you a whole treasure trove of goodies, as well as the Deluxe Edition and Steel Book case: a Hulk Bobblehead; Mjolnir key chain; Black Widow's belt buckle; Iron Man's Prototype Armor blueprints; Kamala Khan's Honorary Avenger Pin and a Commemorative Avengers group photo. This is by far the best version for physical media lovers as it will get you a whole host of goodies that are tangible as well as bagging you the digital stuff as well.

Marvel's Avengers pre-orders - Deluxe Edition

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Bagging the mid-range pre-order of Marvel's Avengers the game will get yourself some extra digital goodies as well as 72 hours early access to the game itself. Along with the general pre-order bonuses, the Deluxe Edition will get you the Obsidian outfit pack, and an Obsidian nameplate pack. The big selling point will be - along with what retailers are chucking in like Amazon's one month of Marvel Unlimited, or Best Buy's steel book - is getting to play it a whole three days early.

Marvel's Avengers pre-orders - Standard Edition

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Pre-ordering the standard edition of Marvel's Avengers the game will get you the most stripped back version of the game, but will still get you everything you need to run with the game on day one, plus some extras. To clarify, you'll get the general pre-order bonuses of Beta early access, the nameplate, and the legacy skins. This is certainly the edition of the game where we have seen a bunch of variations from retailer to retailer. Some are trying to offer their own throw-ins to make it an 'exclusive', so follow the links below but also be aware of what each seller is offering.

Marvel's Avengers pre-orders - other items

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Alongside the game itself, there's going to be the release of a probably-very-good art book. Such is the way with modern games, these books are filled with excellent lore, background info, and development process insight to help flesh out what one can experience from the game itself. And for physical media lovers like me, this is good news! Expect the Marvel's Avengers game art book to release at the same time in September as the game, and like the game, you can pre-order it right now. We've rounded up an even wider selection in our guide to the best gaming books too.

Getting the most out of Marvel's Avengers the game

There is no doubt that the very best way to play Marvel's Avengers the game is going to be with an enhanced gaming setup, one that's as optimized as is possible for you to obtain. This means, at the very least, eyeing up one of the best PS4 Pro deals or the best Xbox One X deals available to ensure you have the top console model of your choice. 

Alternatively, consider one of the best PC gaming machines in the shape of the best gaming PCs or best gaming laptops to make sure you get the most out of the detail, textures and fidelity of modern games' audio profiles. You'll also need to see the details of the world perfectly too with one of the best gaming monitors or best gaming TVs

And finally, ensure you have a gaming sound system to recreate the film series' famous cinematic audio in your living or gaming room for the game itself or go for one of the best PS4 headsets, best Xbox headsets or one of the best PC headsets for gaming.

It's a fair bit of kit to potentially consider but if you get any combination of these great quality items and your experience of the game will only be nearer the best it can be.

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