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Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn adapting The Secret Service

Mark Millar releases the first issue of his latest genre-busting comic-book The Secret Service tomorrow, and he’s already planning to convert the series into a film with Kick-Ass cohort Matthew Vaughn.

Millar has penned the series, and the artwork is provided is Dave Watchmen Gibbons. The story (concocted by Millar and Vaughn, who gets a co-creator and co-plotter credit), sees a London rioter trained to become a superspy (Millar calls it “James Bond meets My Fair Lady ”).

So it’s safe to presume that The Secret Service will do for 007-types what Kick-Ass did for superheroes. Which sounds like a pretty mouthwatering prospect to us…

The opening sequence of the first issue has been revealed online at The Hollywood Reporter , and it sees Mark Hamill rescued from a Swiss hideout, although the mission doesn’t go quite to plan. Let’s just say M probably wouldn’t approve.

Check out a few panels below (and head to THR for the full preview):