Lollipop Chainsaw - Lollipop wrapper locations guide

Stage 6: Killabilly

Above: All wrappers from Stage 6

Wrapper No. 38

After you create the second car ramp, you’ll begin a long chainsaw dash down the street towards Killabilly. Stay to the right and look for a school bus. If you can ramp onto this bus, you can grab the wrapper resting on top of it.

Wrapper No. 39

Immediately after the street section, you’ll receive a call from your sensei and be standing in front of a couple of flying zombies, some fat zombies, and two barrels. Shoot the red barrel to reveal the wrapper.

Wrapper No. 40

Once back on the street heading towards Killabilly, you should spot this wrapper right in the center of your path, near a blue barrel. Congratulations on collecting all 40!