Lollipop Chainsaw - Lollipop wrapper locations guide

Stage 2: Stadium

Above: All wrappers from Stage 2

Wrapper No. 12

Just after you dash over the overturned police car, you’ll meet Alexander. As soon as you enter this area, look to the left for a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 15

Just after saving the first distressed classmate, you’ll saw through a green metal door. Climb the stairs beyond it, and when you reach the second arrow that points to the right, cut through the desks to your left to reveal a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 13

Once you’re out on the roof, you’ll find a shop. Chainsaw dash over the fence in front of you, then the vents. After this second jump, stop and grab the wrapper to your left.

Wrapper No. 14

After defeating Danielle in the gym, exit out the green doors but do not follow the arrow prompt to the right. Instead, turn left and check behind the door for a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 16

Just after one of the shops, you’ll use your dash to ramp up onto another roof then immediately be assaulted by three football zombies. Run around to the backside of the next ramp to find this wrapper.

Wrapper No. 17

After defeating Paul, use the nearby ramp to reach the next rooftop but do not turn right and continue to the next one. Instead, walk forward and around the caged unit to find a wrapper.