Lollipop Chainsaw - Lollipop wrapper locations guide

Stage 1: High School

Above: All wrappers from Stage 1

Wrapper No. 5

This wrapper is past the first distressed classmate, down the hall.

Wrapper No. 9

This is right behind the first blue headless body you discover for Nick to use. Hard to miss.

Wrapper No. 6

After you cut down the column to stop the oncoming bus, hop over the vehicle and run to the end of the hall. Bust open the fifth locker from the end of the hall to find a wrapper.

Wrapper No. 7

You’ll eventually come upon a set of double doors with the words “Zombie basketball. Time limit 3 min. You lose and BLAM!” Instead of heading through those doors, check near the payphones along the wall, behind a set of shelves.

Wrapper No. 10

In the smoky classroom where you fight Roberta, you’ll see a podium. The wrapper is just behind it.

Wrapper No. 8

Just after the cutscene where Juliet meets her sensei, you’ll be in a cafeteria, surrounded by zombies. Look near the boundaries of the area for a wrapper near a vending machine.

Wrapper No. 11

On your way to the stage, you will kick open a gate and slide down a steel beam. It’s hard to miss the wrapper at the bottom.