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Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Mission 15: Heroes United

1: Use Cyborg or Superman to pull the orange handle to the white box to the left.

2: Shoot the gold plate in the center of the Joker-bot’s head.

3: On the left side of the area, build the grapple on left side by the silver canister. When you use the grapple, the canister will open and the kit will be revealed.

4: Put out the 5 fires on the ground with Superman or Mister Freeze.

5: Use Joker on the electrical panel to the right. When activated, the Wayne sign will light up and a kit will pop out.

6: Use the Joker in the far left corner, behind the Joker-bot, to open the purple box hiding there.

7: In the far right corner, behind the Joker-bot’s hand, there is a purple box with goo in front of it. Have Aquaman clear out the ooze and then The Riddler to open the box.

8: Break the silver crate on the right side with The Penguin and build the control panel. Use it with Batman and 10 robots will drop from the sky. Shoot each and you will get a kit for your troubles.

9: Use Superman to fly above the Joker-bot and shoot the gold panel on the side of the helicopter there, revealing the kit inside.

10: For the last kit, use the Electrosuit batman on the panel in the Joker-bot’s hand. After it crashes down, use the grapple to pull out the two panels. Hop up on the panel that opens and use Cyborg or Superman to pull the orange handle. When the goo comes flowing out, use Aquaman to clean up the mess and the kit will pop out.