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Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Mission 13: Core Instability

1: Right at the start, shoot Two-Face’s truck that appears on the road.

2: Hit the Lex Luthor billboard on the right side of the street.

3: After the second billboard, there will be another Two-Face truck that appears. Be sure to shoot it right away as it will drive away quickly. If you don’t shoot it, you will need to start the mission over again as it won’t ever return.

4: Shoot the taxi cab on the side of the road. If you miss it, you can get continuous chances.

5: Shoot another Lex billboard that appears on the right side.

6: Shoot 10 of the spotlights that are scattered about the streets.

7: There is a large statue that is holding a large silver key in its hand. Shoot the key to get the kit. If you miss it, you will get many chances as you keep driving in a loop.

8: After you shoot the Joker-bot the first time, 5 purple joker boxes will appear on the street. Shoot them and the kit will appear.

9: After the second time you take down the Joker-bot, you will find a helicopter on the right side of one of the streets. Destroy it for the hidden kit inside it.

10: There are large statues through the different checkpoints that you can shoot to knock over. To get the kit, you will need to shoot three different statues. It is possible to shoot the same statue twice and if you do, you won’t get the kit.

Mission 14: Tower Defiance

1: Inside the gold case at the start. Break it open with Superman or Cyborg.

2: This kit can be found upstairs by riding the batwing machine.

3: Use Lex to deconstruct blocks to left of start and then use the Flash to put it back together. Once it is, a kit will appear above it.

4: Use Lex to deconstruct the door beside the window across from the batwing machine. Enter it and then deconstruct the batwing inside the room.

5: Run around the corner just after the first check point to find the kit hiding there.

6: Use Poison Ivy to enter the flower patch to the left of the electrical field and destroy the 4 pink orbs in the new room.

7: There are 5 different Joker faces on the wall that need to be washed off with Aquaman’s water power. There are 3 before the checkpoint and 2 after; the final being in the room of the previous kit.

8: Deconstruct the black wall on the far side of the area with Lex Luthor.

9: Smash the boxes on the second story of the structure to the left of Joker-bot.

10: Spray water into the blue hole at the left side corner with Aquaman to raise the water level inside the canister. When it rises, the kit in the center will pop out.