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Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Mission 11: Underground Retreat

1: In the first room, blow up the silver rubble at the far end with the Penguin.

2: On the left side of the tunnel, above the blue generator, use Lex to deconstruct the wall and then Superman to fly up and grab the kit.

3: Follow the same corridor where the previous kit was and hop down to the lower level. Have Riddler open the box there to find another kit.

4: In the large station area across the first set of tracks, look in the vending machine to the left of the security camera, over the subway car. Use the Sensor Suit to pull the lever which will open it. Clear it out with Superman’s heat vision and then grab the freed kit.

5: Before the fork in the tracks, look for the kit on the upper ledge to the left.

6: Up the left side of the fork in the tracks, use Lex to deconstruct the pile of rubble. Next pull the orange handle with Cyborg or Superman and then pull off the blue door with Cyborg to get the kit inside the train.

7: For this kit, you will need to spray 7 different pictures with Aquaman’s water. There are images of two-face and Question marks up to the station room that is on fire. They are all out in the open and easy to spot. Once you tag the 7th one, the kit will pop.

8: When you reach the tracks with the Joker-bot’s arm at the end of it, use Lex to deconstruct the blocks on the right. Once they are apart, use the flash to put them back together and build a rail car. Push it forward, and the Joker-bot will grab it, releasing a kit.

9: Once on top of the train, move forward until you reach the blue door. Use Cyborg to open it and drop in. Walk to the end of the train car to get the kit.

10: Use Superman or any flying character to fly all the way to the front of the train to find a kit there.

Mission 12: The Next President

1: There are 5 Lex Luthor signs around the starting area. Simply break all 5 for the kit to appear.

2: Use the Sensor Suit to pass the security camera on the left side and enter the cage that houses the kit.

3: Use Luthor to deconstruct the TV van on right side. Have Green Lantern make a green LEGO construct, fly it away and the kit will be left behind.

4: Use Cyborg’s magnet to turn the clock hands.

5: Have Lex deconstruct the pillar below clock to reveal the kit there.

6: Shatter the three grates that are located on the left and right side with Man-Bat.

7: Behind the foot of the statue on the right of the stairs there will be a hidden kit.

8: Destroy the silver tank under the wing suit.

9: After the checkpoint, have Acrobat Robin use the mechanism on the left to spin dish around.

10: Clean up the three toxic spills with Aquaman and the final kit will appear.