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Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Mission 9: Research and Development

1: In the beginning room, have Lex deconstruct the top of the control panel on the right. Build the jetpack and a kit will appear.

2: On the second floor, have Penguin destroy the silver block in the center and then pull down the lever that is free. Enter the door that opens and then smash the crates inside. Put together the pieces with Green Lantern and the kit will appear down the corridor.

3: On the lower level, to the left of the stairs, use Superman to melt the top of the glass to open it and free the kit.

4: After the checkpoint, use Cyborg to pull the blue bars with his magnet beside the conveyor belt. Have Powersuit batman launch a bomb onto the conveyor and the kit will get freed by the explosion.

5: At the far end of the next area, have Man-Bat shatter the glass and pull the lever. Have Joker open the box that appears and the kit will be inside.

6: When crossing the kryptonite sections, go behind the second machine along the walkway to find a kit hiding behind it.

7: through the level, there were 5 Lex Luthor signs to break. The final will be here at the end of the Kryptonite section.

8: Have Aquaman clear out the green ooze puddle in the center of the area to the far right. Once it’s cleared, use Cyborg to open the panel and release the kit.

9: After the robot battle, have a flying character fly up to the far side wall in the center to grab the kit there.

10: Have Aquaman go to the far right side and clear up the goo puddles. Once cleared, have the Joker activate the switch and 4 panels will appear in the center of the room. Have the Flash run over each of the 4 switches fast to drop some pieces. Put them together with the Flash and the final kit will appear.

Mission 10: Down to Earth

1: For the first 5 mini-kits, you will get them for shooting down the crates that are being carried by balloons. You don’t really have to worry too much about missing them as there are LOTS.

2: Shoot down the balloons.

3: Keep shooting down the balloons.

4: Yep, still balloons.

5: Seriously. Balloons!

6: Once you hit the checkpoint and on the Joker-bot, Use Superman to melt the gold plate on the right leg and then build the missile launcher.

7: Use Luthor to shoot the Joker-bot between the legs to deconstruct its junk to a mini-kit.

8: Hop over to the left leg and use Luthor to shoot the left leg joint for another mini-kit to appear.

9: Once you take down the VTOL that appears over the left side, it will crash causing a fire. Have Superman put it out and then go to the foot of the left leg. Use Cyborg’s magnet on the now accessible blue metal to create a gun. Shoot down 5 targets that are floating off in the sky.

10: After the silver and gold plating is off the back of the Joker-bot, have Superman pull the orange handle. Once it is out, three guns will appear; two on the shoulders and one in the center. Shoot all three for the final mini-kit.