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Lego Batman 2 mini-kit guide

Mission 5: Chemical Crisis

1: Use Superman to fly above the stairs at the starting area and melt the gold fan cover.

2: To the right of the pink goo dispenser, have Superman walk into the tube opening and fly up to the kit hovering above.

3: On the other side of the water pool, use Lex Luthor to deconstruct the structure next to the fence. Once it is apart, use Superman to pull on the orange handle for the kit.

4: To the left of the orange goo dispenser, the kit will be behind a laser fence. Use a flying character to hop over the beams and grab it.

5: Use Superman to knock over the tower and then use Green Lantern on the green puddle. Once it is “unclogged,” the kit will fly out.

6: For this kit, you will need to smash 3 purple joker boxes. The first is at the start behind the wall that Lex needs to deconstruct, and the second is found in the third pipe that opens. The third box is the trickiest, but to get it, click on the Joker TV screen face 3 times. Next use the Joker to electrify the panel and then use the TV interface again to click on the new box that appears on screen. This will make the third joker box appear.

7: When you reach the room lit up by fires, have Cyborg pull the blue magnet on the left side which will open a panel in the floor. Next use the 4 valves along the top to push the ball through to the center. Pop it out and smash it to get the kit.

8: After the three goo valves are used and you get past the electricity that you need to shut off, use Poison Ivy on the flower patch to get past the fence at the far end which has a kit on the other side of it.

9: During the fire area, there will be 5 LEGO fires that need to be put out. Use Superman to blow them out and once the fifth is out, the kit will appear.

10: After the last checkpoint, there are 5 gold cabinets in the small area to shoot with Superman. There will be 3 in the left area and 2 in the right.

Mission 6: Chemical Signature

1: Shoot the billboard above the Juggernaut truck.

2: Shoot the second billboard above the Juggernaut truck.

3: Shoot the three taxi cabs- 2 on the left, 1 on the right. Like the Billboards, the taxis will keep repeating as long as you don’t defeat the Juggernaut.

4: After you move the magnetic ball through the hole, go back to the glass tube on the right side and there will be a kit in there. Move it through the floor to the hole as well.

5: Melt the golden L on the door to the left.

6: Walk up the blue pipes and go all the way to the right. Use Poison Ivy on the flower patch and then smash up the dance party inside.

7: On the rear of the Juggernaut, have Lex deconstruct the back wall to find a kit inside.

8: When you reach the front of the Juggernaut, there will be a kit at the very front, near the ground. Hang off the railing, or fly down to grab it.

9: Have Superman melt the gold plate on the Juggernaut’s front window to find a kit inside the cockpit.

10: This final kit can be reached when you enter the hole the Batwing made and reach the large room with the spinning beams on the ceiling. Fly up into the center of the room and you will get the kit in the glass dome that you passed earlier.