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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds MaiaMia baby locations guide

Zora River

Baby #27

This is in the river just outside of Zora's Domain. Dive in to grab it.

Baby #28

Head to the pocket of dry land southeast of Zora's Domain. Merge across the pit here to grab a baby off of the cliff wall.

Baby #29

This one is actually inside the Witch's Hut.

Baby #30

Head north from the Witch's Hut and jump into the water. Swim west, then climb the very first ladder you see. There's a baby up here.

Baby #31

Follow the river as it winds south. When you pass under a wooden bridge, you'll see this baby underwater on the other side.

Baby #32

This is on a cliff wall at the top of the Graveyard. You'll have to pass through the equivalent rift in Lorule to reach it.

Baby #33

There's another baby on the cliff face by the Sanctuary.

Eastern Palace

Baby #34

Head south from the Eastern Palace proper. There's a baby atop a tree here; knock it loose with a Pegasus Boots charge.

Baby #35

Head farther south, then turn west to see this rift. Merge into the cliff face here and move left. Eventually, you'll reach a secluded ledge with a boulder. Lift it away to reveal a baby underneath.

Baby #36

Just west of the Eastern Palace proper is this little alcove. Merge to cross the gap and grab the baby inside.

Baby #37

Exit the Eastern Palace ruins area, then turn east. Use a Pegasus Boots charge to shake a baby out of this tree.

Baby #38

A little to the west are a bunch of nipple mounds (hey, we call it as we see it). Use a Pegasus Boots charge to knock a baby lose from the easternmost mound.

Baby #39

South of the mounds is a bridge, and there's a baby in the water to its right. You can reach it by swimming north from Lake Hylia.

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