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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds MaiaMia baby locations guide

Lost Woods

Baby #14

This little guy is attached to the side of the Fortune Teller's tent.

Baby #15

Head straight north to enter Lost Woods proper. You'll spot this guy atop a tree as soon as you enter; use a Pegasus Boots charge to knock him loose.

Baby #16

This is found just north of Kakariko Village. On this path to Lost Woods proper, lift the rock to reveal the little guy.

Baby #17

This baby is lost in Lost Woods proper. Head to the spot right before entering the Master Sword section. Slash this trio of bushes to find it.

Baby #18

Head east from the Fortune Teller. Hop into the little pond here, then dive in to grab the baby from below.

Baby #19

This is found on a cliff wall near the cave entrance that leads to Death Mountain. Enter the lower cave, then use the Titan's Mitt to clear out the boulder inside. Follow the path to wind up on this upper ledge.

Baby #20

Head directly north from the last baby to find another one stuck to a cliff wall.

Baby #21

Enter Lost Woods through the northeast entrance. Turn south and pick up the rocks to reveal another baby.

Death Mountain

Baby #22

Head southwest from the Death Mountain weathervane. There's a baby under the rock here.

Baby #23

When you move through the first cavern with rolling boulders, take the upper left exit. From out here, you merge across the cliff wall to grab another baby.

Baby #24

Head to the northeast summit of Death Mountain. You'll find this guy on a wall by a cave entrance.

Baby #25

You have to go through Rosso's Ore Mine to get here; take the eastern platforms inside the lava cave. Once on the secluded part of Death Mountain, move west up the plank bridge. Lift the rocks by the broken bridge to unearth a baby.

Baby #26

Reenter the lava cave and take the southern platforms. When you exit the cave, lift this rock to reveal a baby.

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