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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds complete walkthrough

Items and Collectibles

The following items are nonessential. Any items required to complete the story were mentioned in the walkthrough.

Blue/Red Mail

The Blue and Red Mail each reduce the damage Link takes by half, meaning you'll take only a quarter of regular damage if you have both. They are found in the Swamp Palace and Lorule Castle, respectively, so see our dungeon guide for more info.

Empty Bottle

There are five Empty Bottles to acquire across the game. For more information, see our Empty Bottle locations guide.

Hint Glasses

The Hint Glasses are a handy item if you ever get stuck while playing the game. To obtain them, visit the Fortuneteller north of Kakriko Village. He'll give them to you on your first visit.

Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield protects against magical attacks, as well as projectiles. It is found inside Turtle Rock. For more information, see our dungeon guide.

MaiaMia Babies

The MaiaMia Babies side quest involves tracking down 100 stranded babies across Hyrule and Lorule. For more information, see our MaiaMia Baby locations guide.

Master Ore

There are four chunks of Master Ore to find throughout the game. For more information, see our Master Ore locations guide.


There's a house adorned with a bee sign in the middle of Kakariko Village. Enter to meet Bee Guy. If you have an Empty Bottle, he'll give you the Net, in hopes that you'll one day bring him catch bees. Go figure.

Pegasus Boots

After the events at the Zora's Cave, the Shady Guy can be found in north Kakariko Village. Without getting too close, merge into the wall nearby. Pop out right behind him to teach him a lesson, and he'll give you the Pegasus Boots in return.

Pieces of Heart

Pieces of Heart are hidden all throughout the game, useful for upgrading Link's health. For more information, see our Piece of Heart locations guide.


The Pouch allows you to equip two items at once; it's quite handy. To get it, you must first complete the Eastern Palace. After doing so, look for the large circle of trees west of Link's House/Ravio's Shop. The only way in is from the south. Enter to find the Pouch atop a stump.

Stamina Scroll

The Stamina Scroll doubles your stamina meter, allowing you to merge twice as long and use rented items twice as often. It's found in the Ice Ruins, so head to our dungeon guide for more information.

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