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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds complete walkthrough

To the Ice Ruins

Return to Hyrule and rent the Hookshot and Fire Rod from Ravio's Shop, then make your way to the Tower of Hera weathervane.

Head east and cross over the broken bridge using the Hookshot. Move past the fire-breathing baddies and enter the first cave entrance you see.

In here is a series of moving red blocks. Carefully drop down them until you reach a platform with two more fire-breathers. Merge around the wall to the right to reach the next series of red blocks. Follow these until you reach the cave's exit.

Outside, head west past one last fire-breathing enemy to find a rift. Slip through to return to Lorule.

Now we want to retrace our steps as if we were still in Hyrule. Head east to reenter the cave with the many moving blocks. The ones here are narrow and blue.

Ride the moving blocks to the large icy platform with a pair of icy Gargoyle Statues. Merge around the left wall onto the next platform where a bigger, meaner Gargoyle Statue waits. Avoid him, then step onto the moving block that comes to the northern edge of the platform.

Ride this series of blocks to reach the cave exit. Once outside, follow the path as it curves north then east to reach the Ice Ruins. Use the Ice Rod to melt the ice sculpture blocking the way, then head inside.

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To Turtle Rock

It’s time to rent one last item and head to the final dungeon. Grab the Ice Rod from Ravio's Shop, then head to Lake Hylia. Merge into the cliff face south of the Item Shop there, then follow it to reach a rift. Head through to return to Lorule.

Hop into the water and swim east to encounter Mama Turtle. To help her, and to reach the dungeon, we need to find her three missing turtles. The first is right by the rift we took to get here.

The second is being attacked by some enemies just north of the first. Take them out to rescue him.

Now swim north and climb the ladder onto dry land. Merge into the cliff face to the right, then follow it. The last turtle is stuck to the wall here; pop out to free him.

With all three turtles rescued, you'll be able to ride the turtle family across the water. Swim onto her back, then ride along to reach the Turtle Rock entrance. Use the Ice Rod to freeze the lava jet by the door, then merge across the rock you form to enter.

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To Lorule Castle

With all seven Sages saved, you'll be able to enter Lorule Castle. Head to the entrance, and the way will be opened to you.

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