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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds complete walkthrough

To the House of Gales

One more pendant to go, and this one takes a bit of work. Start by grabbing the Tornado Rod from Ravio's Shop, then head east. We won't move toward the marked spot yet, as you need to be able to swim first. Instead, head east, then north of the Eastern Palace area. This puts you near the Witch's Hut.

Nearby is another fellow who can't swim - a Zora, in fact. Merge across the gap here. Follow the path as it wraps north to reach a waterfall. A sneaky man will run out from inside; head through the waterfall entrance.

In here, the Zora Queen is looking really under the weather, and the Zora's need help healing her. We'll help by first returning to Kakariko Village.

The merchant here now sells the Zora's legendary Smooth Gem for 200 Rupees. Yes, you'll have to buy it off of him. Do so, then return to the Zora Queen. Use the item to save her, and you'll receive the Zora's Flippers in return.

With these, you have the ability to swim. Head south to Lake Hylia, and jump in. You'll find the dungeon right in the middle of the lake. Use the Tornado Rod to blow away some tiles out front, revealing a switch. Step on this to gain entry.

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To the Master Sword

With all three Pendants in hand, you're ready to receive the Master Sword. To get it, we'll have to journey through the Lost Woods. From Kakariko Village, head north. In this wooded area, follow the path north until you reach this sign. The tree tunnel just ahead leads to the Lost Woods.

Move forward to encounter several Poes. To navigate Lost Woods, you have to follow the correct Poe at this first intersection. Watch carefully, then move through that tunnel. At the next intersection, two Poes will move around - do not follow them! Instead, move through the lone tunnel they did not use. At the final intersection, you'll have to watch three Poes; however, this is actually a simple trick. Just go back the way you came.

Follow the rest of the path to reach the Master Sword pedestal. With your three Pendants, the legendary blade is yours. With this, we can enter Hyrule Castle.

To Hyrule Castle

Now we must return to Hyrule Castle, where Sahasrahla is waiting by the gate. Simply attack the barrier with your new Master Sword to open the way. Move ahead and enter the castle foyer.

Inside, move up the stairs and exit through either side door. Exit through a southern door on either side to reach the balcony outside. Take out the Red Soldiers and move through the central castle entrance to reach Hyrule Castle proper.

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To Lorule

After battling Yuga in Hyrule Castle, you'll be high above Hyrule. Follow the path to enter a small study. Slash away the blue curtain on the north wall to reveal a strange crack. Merge through this crack to reach the other side of the game's world: Lorule.

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