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The Last of Us Remastered Collectibles guide

Pittsburgh - Escape the City  

Training Manual #5: Molotov Construction
While following Henry out of the apartment, stop in the kitchen to grab this manual off the counter.

Comic #4: Deep Phase
On your way down the stairs, open the locked door with a shiv. Make a left to find a kids' bedroom, where you'll find a comic on a desk chair.

Firefly Pendant #13
After taking out some hunters on the rooftop, you'll cross a plank into another building. Before heading into Henry's safehouse on the right, make a left to enter the bathroom. This sits atop a toilet in the corner stall.

Artifact #45: Trial Note
Once inside Henry's safehouse, head straight ahead to enter a boardroom. Make a left to find this on the ground in the corner.

The Suburbs - Sewers 

Artifact #46: Boat Note
As you walk across the beach, Ellie will point out a wrecked boat. Climb aboard and open the bridge to find this immediately inside.
Comic #5: Antiparticles
This is found directly next to the Boat Note.

Firefly Pendant #14
Now drop into the lower part of the boat to find a pendant behind a hanging blue net.

Firefly Pendant #15
While crawling through the sewer, keep your eyes to the right to spot a side tunnel you can squeeze through. Inside, you'll find another pendant by some running water.

Artifact #47: Sewers Note
Make a right at the fork to find a locked gate. Send Ellie through the nearby vent, and she'll get the gate open. You'll find this on a table inside.

Firefly Pendant #16
When you reach the puzzle with the moving platform and generator, hop into the water and swim to the submerged car. Dive to find this pendant just under the surface.

Artifact #48: Trading Note
In the next chamber, open the door on the same platform as the raft. Take out the infected and head into the back corner of the room. You'll find a bunch of supplies, as well as this artifact.

Training Manual #6: Bomb Containment
After the noise trap, head straight forward to the back of this abandoned safe house. There is a rack back here where you'll find another manual.

Artifact #49: Rain Catcher Note
When you encounter the small group of infected, take them out and make a right. In this area full of rain catching barrels, you'll find another artifact atop a covered table.

Artifact #50: Cornered Note
Head up the winding stairs just patch the rain catcher room, and there will be a blue door on your left. Open it, and head into the back left corner to find another artifact beside a corpse.

Artifact #51: Kid's Drawing
This is found in the first large room when separated from Ellie and Henry. Before leaving the room, you'll pass through what Eric calls a "classroom." You'll find this on the bookshelf in said classroom.

The Suburbs - Suburbs  

Artifact #52: Looting Note
Enter the first open house you see and head upstairs. Head through the door on the left to find a room with a mattress. This sits on the lamp stand nearby.

Artifact #53: Father's Note
Further down the road is this red brick house. Head upstairs and take the first left to find the master bedroom. This sits on the dresser inside.

Training Manual #7: Melee Techniques
In the same house, a string dangles from the attic entrance. Pulling it will bring down the whole trapdoor, but you can still boost Ellie up there. Do so, and she will recover this manual from the attic.

Artifact #54: Survivors Note
Now enter the house next door and head to the second floor. Enter the bedroom here to find this note by a computer.

Comic #7: Messenger Particle
Adjacent to the same room is a small bathroom. Enter to find this atop the toilet inside.

Artifact #55: Matchbook
Now head to the top floor to find another artifact beside another computer.

Firefly Pendant #17
Right near where the wild dogs are first yapping, you can hop a ledge into a backyard with a swing set and playhouse. This hangs from a tree branch above that yard.

Tommy's Dam - Hydroelectric Dam 

Comic #7: Foreign Element
As you make your way down the slope, hang to the right. A little before passing under the bridge, you can actually ascend a small slope to this overturned car. Another comic lies in front of it.

Artifact #56: Power Plant Map
Just before entering the power plant proper, cut left to find a small security building. You'll find this pinned to the wall inside.

Training Manual #8: Smoke Chemistry
Just after Tommy points out the two engineers analysing the plant schematics, move just ahead to the desk with the oil lamp. Sitting on its corner is another manual.

Firefly Pendant #18
When you reach the room where the engineers are repairing the turbine, proceed to the ground level. Instead of going through the doorway where Tommy waits, head to the opposite side of the room to find a small storage space. In here, you'll find a cabinet with some hardhats... and another pendant!

Artifact #57: Plant Schematics
On your way outside during the bandit attack, stop by the same table where the engineers were perusing the plant schematics. You can now pick them up.

Tommy's Dam - Ranch House  

Firefly Pendant #19
Once you've entered the ranch house, head to the back right of the bottom floor. In this sitting room, check the writing desk for another pendant.

Comic #8: Zero Point
Make a left at the top of the stairs to enter a bedroom. Take a left upon entering to find a comic near the window.

The University - Go Big Horns! 

Comic #9: Free Radicals
From the chapter start, turn around and head up the road. You'll find a comic on the hood of a car up here.

Artifact #58: Sniper's Nest Log
When you enter the campus grounds, look for this large multi-layered building. Enter and head to the top floor to exit onto a balcony. You'll find this artifact out there, along with some supplies.

Firefly Pendant #20
After jumping over the first barricade and ascending the stairs, turn right. Just a few feet ahead, you'll find another pendant dangling from a tree.

Artifact #59: Wall Panel Note
Make a right after leaving Ellie with Callus to find the flamethrower. Just beyond it, you'll find this pinned to the wall next to a circuit box.

Firefly Pendant #21
Just before leaving the central grounds, look for this damaged window. You can pull yourself into a small room here, where you'll find another pendant atop a table.

Training Manual #9: Health Sterilization
When you reach the fountain, take a right to find a building you can enter. Head up the stairs and hop out onto the roof. Enter the window to your left, and you'll find a manual atop a desk in this room.

Artifact #60: UEC Campus Map
After ducking into the dormitory, head straight ahead to find this lying across a counter.

Artifact #61: Student's Journal
Head upstairs and enter the second door on the left. Doing so will partially block a drawer behind the door. Open it to find another artifact.

Firefly Pendant #22
To obtain this pendant, you must kill the Bloater in the spore filled area. He'll drop it upon defeat.

Artifact #62: Newspaper Clipping
When you return to the second floor of the dorm, make a right out of the stairwell and enter the first door on your right. Make a left inside the dorm room to find this atop a mini-fridge.

Firefly Pendant #23
When you reach the plaza outside the science lab, head to the farthest tent. In here, you'll find a pendant on a table.

The University - Science Building  

Training Manual #10: Molotov Deployment
Before heading through the door near the yellow and orange wires, head to the end of the hall to find a locked door. Use a shiv to enter, and you'll find another manual on a table inside.

Artifact #63: Office Recorder
Make a left at the top of the stairwell to find two doors: one closed, one opened. Head through the opened one on the left to find this artifact on a table near a framed picture.

Artifact #64: Fungal X-Rays
After emerging from the tented hallway, make a left. You'll find these on a counter near the window.

Artifact #65: Lab Recorder
In the very next room, you'll encounter the monkeys again. You can also find this artifact on a large table in the middle of the room.

Firefly Pendant #24
In the same room, check the shelf in the back corner for a well hidden pendant.

Artifact #66: Firefly's Recorder
Continue into the next room, and Joel will pick up a recorder during a cut scene. This is automatically added to your collection.

Lakeside Resort - The Hunt 

Artifact #67-75: No Pun Intended, No Pun Intended: Volume Too, To Get to the Other Side!, Riley's Pendant, Sam's Robot, Walkman, Switchblade, Note from Mom, Joel & Sarah Photo
These will automatically be in Ellie's possession upon starting the chapter.
IMPORTANT – make sure you go into Ellie's rucksack and view each of these items, turning them over if the option is given and listening to any comments Ellie makes in full, so that they all register correctly.

Comic #10: Uncertainty
Once you enter large wooden structure, make a left. In this small room is a desk with a drawer. Open it to find another comic inside.

Firefly Pendant #25
While crossing the catwalks to lower the ladder for David, a Clicker will emerge from a small side room. Get rid of the Clicker, and enter the side room to find a pendant atop a table.

Firefly Pendant #26
When running through the lakeside houses, stop at the gazebo by the first house you entered. You'll find a pendant on a bench inside.

Comic #11: Negentropy
After emerging from the first sewer pipe, turn around to find a set of steps. Head up to find two benches; this comic sits on one of them.

Artifact #76: Lake Resort Map
Joel will automatically have this in his possession once you regain control of him after Ellie's battle with David.

Lakeside Resort - Cabin Resort  

Training Manual #11: Smoke Shaping
After moving through the gas station during Joel's second playtime, move past the truck with the burning barrels to the next building. Behind this building is a shed you can unlock with a shiv. You'll find the manual inside.

Artifact #77: Ellie's Backpack
During your search for Ellie, Joel will lock a door behind him and pick this up during a cut scene.

Artifact #78: Meat Ledger
Make a right from the shelf with Ellie's backpack to find another artifact on another shelf.

Bus Depot - Highway Exit 

Artifact #79: Family Photograph
At the start of the chapter, you'll pass an RV along the highway. Head inside to find this on a table.

Firefly Pendant #27
After descending the highway ramp, turn left and check behind the car for a pendant.

Artifact #64: Note to Wife
When you cut left into the bus depot proper, stick to the left to reach a pile of luggage. You'll find this artifact with it.

Comic #11: Precipitate
Once you descend the stairs after observing the giraffe heard, make a right to find a bathroom. This lies next to a stall inside.

Artifact #80: Salt Lake Q.Z. Map
When you arrive outside at the triage, head straight ahead to the farthest medical tent. Inside, you'll find this atop a table.

Firefly Pendant #28
In the same area, look to this set of lights near a green tent. A pendant dangles from them.

Artifact #81: Joel & Sarah Photo
Just before leaving the triage, Ellie will tell Joel she's "got something for him." Turn around and speak to her to receive the photo.

Firefly Pendant #29
On you way down into the tunnel, turn around past the bus and check behind it for another pendant.

Bus Depot - Underground Tunnel 

Training Manual #12: Bomb Shrapnel
During the section of the tunnel with the two Bloaters, look for this truck in the middle of the area. Climb atop it to find another manual.

Comic #13: Catalysis
When you drop a ladder to Ellie, you'll be near a ventilation shaft. Run along it to find a comic book at the end.

The Firefly Lab - The Hospital  

Artifact #82: Surgeon's Recorder
As soon as you emerge from the stairwell, this will be in front of you on a counter.

Firefly Pendant #30
The room behind the counter is locked, but you can use a shiv to unlock it. Do so to find a pendant on a computer desk inside.

Artifact #83: Marlene's Recorder 1
From you entrance via the stairwell, make two quick right turns to enter a small room. Inside, you'll find another artifact next to a computer.

Artifact #84: Marlene's Journal
Continue around the corridor to find a large quarantine tent. Enter to find another artifact on a table inside.

Artifact #85: Marlene's Recorder 2
As you head down the final corridor to Ellie's operating room, make a right at the first door. In here, you'll find another artifact on a table near the window.

Jackson - Epilogue 

Comic #14: Singularity
After squeezing through the barbed wire fence, bear right to find an abandoned truck. The game's final comic rests on the driver's side.

Congratulations – you've found every collectible in The Last of Us Remastered!