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Just Cause 3 daredevil jump guide

Insula Dracon


Coordinates: 42.406, 35.363

This jump overlooks the bridge connected to Porto Darsena. You can get there from the roads near Guardia Trio I.

Petra #1

Coordinates: 41.238, 37.338

This ramp is on the hill overlooking Puncta Sud.

Petra #2

Coordinates: 42.058, 36.756

This ramp leads right into the heart of Espia Bassa.

Petra #3

Coordinates: 42.154, 36.831

This ramp is in the same settlement, up near the Massos border.

Corda Dracon #1

Coordinates: 42.884, 36.286

Both jumps in this province are nearly impossible to clear without disabling the FOW, so complete story missions to make the job easier. The first ramp is immediately north of the fortress itself, overlooking the water.

Corda Dracon #2

Coordinates: 42.786, 36.583

The second ramp is right near the Corda Dracon/Massos Border.

Capite West #1

Coordinates: 43.802, 34.934

This ramp is attached the airfield at Porto Cavo.

Capite West #2 & #3

Coordinates: 43.494, 35.581 // 43.511, 35.597

There are two jumps facing each other right by the Capite West/Capite East border. Hop over one, then grab a second vehicle to clear the other.

Capite East

Coordinates: 43.789, 36.147

This ramp leads directly into Espia Alta.

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