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Jersey Shore gets own game. Why is this happening to us?

Get ready to romp around, be loud and obnoxious, try to get lots of sex, and spend hours at the tanning salon because, you know it, Jersey Shore is soon to become a socially interactive video game.

On Tuesday, MTV will launch a Jersey Shore game on Facebook, and then on on Wednesday. The game will allow players to control their favorite character from the show in what just might be the most pointless thing to happen in the history of social networking.

"We have structured the game around the themes of the show. And it's a social experience where people can interact," said MTV's Tony Espinoza. The themes of the show include exploiting Italian stereotypes, explosive and totally unnecessary drama, and a lot of bleeped-out language. It can easily be said, however, that there is no actual substance to any part of any episode of the show.

So whether you want to be Mike ("The Situation") who abides by the three commandments - gym, tanning, and laundry - or Snooki, the one famous for such quotes as "I’m not trashy, unless I drink too much" and "I'm not a Guido, I'm a Guidette," or any of the other people who have failed to leave any sort of impression beyond "These people can vote? We're screwed", the new online game should provide hours of, I don't know, mediocre entertainment I guess.

This is, of course, all in preparation of the premiere of Jersey Shore's new season, which is this Thursday.

Jul 26, 2010

Source: Digital Spy