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Is this Uncharted 3 running in split-screen?

Better take off that fez, stetson or whatever cranial attire you're wearing and put on your detective hat instead. Something is afoot and it's not just the end of your leg. One eagle-eyed YouTube user has been scouring video released some time ago by Naughty Dog and noticed one brief clip that looked odd. In fact, it appears to show Uncharted 3: Drake's Deceptionrunning in split-screen mode. Could it be true? Take a look and tell us what youmake of it...

Here's the clip in question, slowed down to give you more time to think:

And here's the original, straight from Naughty Dog's YouTube channel (skip to around 1:34):

To our eyes, it does look like split-screen. It's even staggered slightly to give each player a more normally-proportioned window (and no doubt to save some processor work too). However, it's far more likely that this is split-screen multiplayer rather than split-screen story mode. For starters, Naughty Dog has already stated that it's not likely to put co-op in the game as it's not the sort of story they want to tell.

It's certainly true that some parts of the Uncharted experience are clearly meant to be played as one solitary figure. Being stranded in the desert wouldn't be half as harrowing if you had Sully with you. Did you ever hear about that little bartender in Lima…?

22 Mar, 2011

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