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How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront


All out warfare battling over five control points spread across the map.


This mode is played on the larger maps so think ahead and turn up to the party with mid to long-range blasters such as the DH 17 and A280C. These weapons should allow you to pick up easy kills, especially if you use the pick-ups dotted around as bait. Bwahahaha, etc. Most of the time both teams can see the same tokens so if there’s one out in the open train your sights on it and wait for the enemy soldier to run towards it.

...and Switch

Don’t forget that you can switch your power-ups for something better. Approaching a new token on the battlefield and tapping Square/X will replace the power-up in your inventory with something new. Instead of switching, you can also just use whatever you’re carrying and pick up the next item. In fact, if you’re carrying a proximity bomb or a deployable turret, you may find it scores you a kill long after you’ve placed it.

Keep On Point

This mode isn’t just about getting on the kill sheets. In fact, your main objective is to capture the control points - starting with the one in the middle of the map. The best way to do this is to pick up and use Infantry Turrets. Drop them next to the control point you’re trying to capture and watch the kills rack up. Combine this with a squad shield and the point will be yours in no time.

Remember: Stay Hip

Try to adapt to a more run-and-gun play style and only use your sights when necessary for long range targets. Firing from the hip will do just as much damage and is almost as stable as firing down your sights. You’ll be able to change targets faster but crucially you’ll consistently have a wider field of view. This may seem counter intuitive but give it a go and you’ll see what we mean soon enough (when the kills stack up).

Pros Use A Headset

If you have a headset, use it. We’re not just talking about using it to chat with team mates either. Even if you mute the voice chat a headset will give you an extra advantage on the battlefield due to the enhanced audio. Stop and listen when you can and you should be able to pick up enemy footsteps, giving away their location and giving you the upper hand. Check and mate.

Pick A View

Choose which viewpoint is best for your playstyle. First-person will give you slightly better accuracy when you do opt to aim down sights with weapons such as the EE-3, but switching to third-person will allow you to take in more of your surroundings and should make it easier to spot enemy players. Expert players will switch between the two to adapt to any given situation.

Jump In - And Out

If you want to stay alive longer, then Jump Packs are your best friends. While most encounters with enemies result in a trip to the respawn screen (you’re meant to die plenty in Battlefront), you can evade a chaser or avoid a locked-on homing shot with a quick blast of your Jump Pack. It’ll also help you get into better positions on the battlefield, and is a faster way of entering combat.

Don't Save Your Cards

Use your cards as soon as they’re available. There’s no point saving them as you’ll get a fresh batch every time you respawn. Your loadout should include the Impact Grenade which explodes on impact with any object, Scan Pulse - for detecting enemies - and Pulse Cannon which is a one shot sniper rifle ideal for picking off targets at long range.

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