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How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront


The idea behind Survival mode is… well, to survive. In this case it’s you and a buddy against 15 waves of Imperial troops and vehicles. You can probably solo normal difficulty, but anything above that requires cooperation. Here are some tips to help you and a mate get through to extraction.

Grab The Probes

So, every few rounds Ackbar will tell you that there’s a probe incoming, and that you should recover it. Listen to the fish-faced fellow... when you successfully grab a probe it opens up and gives you power-ups to either snag or share with your partner. They make a big difference during tougher waves or vehicles fights.

Choose When To Spend A Life

You’ve died. Shame. The lives you have are shared between you and your co-op buddy (obviously, this doesn’t apply if you’re fighting solo. No, not Han Solo), so think about whether you want to actually use one. Don’t forget that you’ll respawn if your mate finishes the wave alone, so it might be worth hanging on.

Toughest Troops First

You know which troop types will cause you the most bother - it’s the ones that soak up bullets or camp behind a knoll, peppering you with sniper fire. Make a point of removing the tricky troops first (or the vehicles) before mopping up the cannon fodder. It’ll also make the end of wave easier.

Always Pack An Ion Torpedo

If you’re playing on Hard or above, you can expect vehicles to attack you (like AT-STs). There are two different Star Card hands to choose from - make sure at least one of you picks the one with an Ion Torpedo in it. This is the best way to take out vehicles, and you’ll need it when those chicken-walkers strut in.

Stick Together

Simple tip, but one you need to heed. Covering your buddy’s back can make the difference between narrow victory and crushing defeat. You can’t be aware of who is attacking you at all times, but you can ask someone to watch your six as you try to unlock a probe or grab an extra life. And talking to each other is key too.

Jump Packs Are Your Friend

The key to staying alive in Survival is movement, and Jump Packs will get you out of a tough spot real fast. So, if you’re losing health fast, zip away and live to fight another day - it’s better than spending a life. You can also use Jump Packs to access higher ground, and get a clearer view of the battlefield.

Place Turrets Wisely

You’ll likely get in-map power-ups, some of which will be turrets. Make sure you choose a good vantage point before placing them, somewhere with a nice clear field of fire. Placing an anti-vehicle turret? Make sure it’s high up and away from stray blaster fire. Manually operated guns? Put them near choke points and hose your foes accordingly.

Always Go For The Heart

Unless you absolutely know you’ll lose a life trying to grab it, always go for the heart pick-up. It gives you (and your partner) an additional life, which can be invaluable in the later waves. It’s worth the risk associated with collecting them... let’s face it, if you can’t grab hearts early in the game, you won’t last to the end anyway.

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