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How to dominate every mode in Star Wars Battlefront


With nothing to do but defeat the enemy, you’d better make every shot count.

Blasters Matter

Really think about your blaster choice - Imperial Station and Rebel Base are more suited to short-range weapons like the SE-14C and DL-44, while longer range weapons like the T-21 are better for bigger locations like Jawa Refuge or Sulphur Fields. Star Card wise, look at things to increase your firepower. Explosive Shot and Focus Fire should come in handy.

Take Cover

Cover is so important in this mode. Use absolutely anything you can to put a barrier between you and incoming fire and make ample use of the crouch button to duck. While in cover make sure you make good use of the radar. If you see a light red indicator it means the enemy is above or below you, and if it’s a deeper red they’re on the same level.

Expect Grenade Spamming

There’s normally a fair amount of chaos and frantic lobbing of grenades in this mode - especially on Rebel Depot. Here you’re best off getting a kill or two and then moving to a new location before the explosions happen. But if you really want to stick it out in one place, the raised walkways on Crash Site are a good option.

Get To Know The Map Layout

It may sound obvious but it’s the best path to success. If you’re playing on Crash Site look out for the narrow choke point under the ship towards the middle of the map. A good tactic is to set up a turret here and then position yourself on the side of the bank - now wait and watch the kills rack up. Bust out maniacal laugh as needed.

Stick With Your Teammates

Use the partner system (press Y or Triangle on the spawn screen) to join the fight alongside your friend. You might occasionally get dropped in at the deep end but it’s a guaranteed way to make sure you’ll always have a wingman or wingwoman at your side. Two blasters are better than one in any circumstance.

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