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Halo 2 Cheats

The sequel to Xbox's biggest game is a multiplayer masterpiece, even if single-player suffers a bit.

Halo 2 FAQs

Halo 2 Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by Anonymous

    Water-proof Banshee


    If you have ever gotten the scarab gun beefore this should be easy just lead the Banshee through the tunnels then when the checkpoint comes up get in. When you start to fly go directly to where the scarab stops moving. There should be a big body of water with the reflection of the building behind it just fly in the water and have fun flying around randomly.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Simon L. (A.K.A. Bones)

    Board The Pelican in Metropolis

    On the level "Metropolis" when you get in front of the marine command post, you are asked to take out the Covenant Wraith tanks. Take them out and the door to the command post should open. You should notice two ramps accessible by stairs in the plaza where you just destroyed the wraiths. Grab a Warthog and drive up the stairs of the ramp closest to the command post. When you are at the top of the stairs (on the ramp) get out and jump ON TO the turret. DO NOT GET IN THE GUNNER SEAT. A pelican should fly to your position and unload marines. Look up while the pelican is hovering above you and hold the "X" button. You should get in, along with a few marines. To get out, simply hold "X" again. If you don't get out, the pelican will take you to the edge of the map and drop you off on a large concrete "platform". You and the marines will be ejected safely, and the pelican will spin erratically. If you get close to it, "Press X to flip Banshee" appears on your screen. Have fun!

    PS: With the right timing, you can get out of the pelican when it's on top of the level and explore the top of Metropolis.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Mikey Kieser

    Mountain Climbing on Delta Halo

    Start off were you cross the bridge and go on from there in till you get to were the pelican drops off the guns. when it comes, go underneath it and look the way its facing, you,ll see a wall with a tiny slanted hill, go to it and grenade jump to the ledge, when you get there turn right and jump on the ledge now go towards the pelican and jump on it "wait!" It won,t go any where yet. Now go to the pelicans right wing. See the ledge in front of you, jump on it, then quickly jump back, now when I say back I mean jump backwards or you,ll mess up the jump to the pelican. If you,ve done it right the pelican should be taking off with you on it. Now wait till you get to the mountain and jump off it and you should be able mountain climb on Delta Halo!

  • Xbox | Submitted by BlackWolf003


    Multiplayer Map-Zanzibar

    Coming from the beach, to your left where the stairs are. If you go up the stairs and go straight you will see a part of the circle-thing. If you crouch and keep crouch while walking into the part of the circle thing, then jump onto the ground below. Then you will superjump to the top of the circle. Cool eh?

  • Xbox | Submitted by Billl

    Outside of Burial Mounds

    Multiplayer Level: Burial Mounds

    First, create a game with overshields and rocket-launchers. Set "heavy vehicle" to wraith. Go to Burial mounds with at least one other person. Make sure that you are not on the same team. One person has to get in the wraith and drive over to the mountain that curves out instead of in. The other person needs to stand in front of the wraith and duck while walking backward into the mountain. The person in the wraith needs to boost into the other player and make him fly onto the mountain. If you try to walk farther, you will hit the invisible force field. The person in the wraith needs to boost into the player on the mountain while he ducks and walks backward. If done correctly, the person will fly through the force field. Now walk to the corner and rocket jump on the next level. Walk over to the big tower and walk up against it as if you were walking off the edge. You will be walking up invisible stairs! Walk slowly out a little and see how far you can go. Get the other player to get out of the wraith and zoom in on you. It like you are floating in mid-air.

    Don't if you walk too far out and start to fall, you will just fall at a slant and land back on the mountain!

  • Xbox | Submitted by HolyGuacamolliRaviolli

    Mysterious Death

    Oracle (at the "cut the cables" part)

    When you get to the part where you make the station go into freefall, jump off of the lower ledge just about a few yards away from the cable. You should land on a yellow ledge, and half a second later you will die.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Aaron Luxford

    Enter Glitch Land

    The mission where you wake up and it's all blurry.

    If you look around you will see a ledge. Climb up that then jump up onto a building. Go over to the ledge you will see another building. Plant a grenade and jump you will get blasted onto the other building then jump onto a glass roof then the enemy ship will fly underneath you - jump onto that. You can hitch hike for a bit then it will take you to the end of the map and further and then you will be in a glitch land.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Robert & Stephen

    Underwater Vehicle

    Delta Halo

    Now for this to work you do the same as the glitch "Underwater Exploration" but when you get to the little island stay in your "Ghost" and slowly make your way down into the water and you can drive around underwater!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Robert & Stephen

    Underwater Exploration

    Delta Halo

    On "Delta Halo" you grab a "Ghost" and get to checkpoint "You Break It, You Buy It" and turn right and drive up hill with "Boost". Hold "Boost" until on flat surface. Then you turn right, search for high cliff that leads to HUGE LAKE then slowly go down cliff and turn around so that you are going down cliff backwards. Quickly hit "Boost" until you reach land then head down cliff slowly on foot. Then you will be underwater!

  • Xbox | Submitted by IFINDTHINGS

    No One Drives the Pelican


    Jump up to where the Blind Skull is. Once you get on the roof jump across the gap where there is an opening.Turn right after you make the jump and grenade jump to the big hole where the crash site is. Next, cross the crash site on on of the beams.Turn left and you should see a bridge hanging off a building that looks like this:
    / \ Jump on it and move to the next building. Turn left and see another building, jump on it. Head straight and you will see a dingy building, go all the way across it and there will be a horizontal pillar connected to another building. Move across that and grenade jump onto the roof. Turn right and fall down onto the roof. Stand on the uprised part next to the picket fence and wait for the Pelican. Once it stops zoom on the assault or whatever you have and look in the cockpit. Nothing there.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tman

    Flying Without a Banshee

    Oracle Level(Where you first fight the flood)

    On the part where you have to cut the cables and get back to the elevator, cut the cables but try to avoid getting the flood after you. After you cut the cables go ontop of the big circular elevator. Wait until the station starts to freefall. DO NOT activate the elevator. Instead jump as soon as it starts to freefall. You should go up into the air and the station will fall hundreds of feet below you. You do die but its real awesome.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Derrick

    Flying High

    On the turf by the marine complex

    To preform this glitch:

    Get on the steel rod that holds up the shields that the marines use for cover by the marine complex. Then, aim a rocket launcher at the top of the steel post. Finally you will be flying so far in the air that you actually bump your head on the invisible wall. Tip: The small shields are the best. If you don't get it at first, look down to make sure you are on the steel post then, fire at the top of it. Enjoy!

  • Xbox | Submitted by hb swats bro

    Exploring the top of Delta Halo

    Delta Halo

    You need to get the Sputnick Skull. Then go to Delta Halo on any diffuculty. When you get to the part where you extend the bridge, get a warthog or a ghost, it dosent matter. Wait for the Wraith to shoot you. If done correctly you will be sent flying over on top of the next structure! From there, you can explore everywhere.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Aflac316

    Ultimate Fludd Sniping Glich

    In the level,"Shooting Gallery", go on the other side of the of the platform and jump on the rail. Then jump on the ramp anwalk all the way up to the top and walk through the wall. You will fall a little bit and then you can just wait until the end of the level.

  • Xbox | Submitted by flames2

    On Top of Cairo Station

    When the door opens the two ranger elites come out look a bit to your left, and you should see a slanted pillar. jump on it. then, go up it, and look to your right. go to the edge of it, and look to your right again,and jump. you should be on a ship. go to the middle of it, and you should be able to get onto the cario station.

  • Xbox | Submitted by queifbag67

    Destroyable Wall

    On Beaver Creek go into the building and go to the back wall. Throw 2 plasma grenades at it. Stand by the wall (you won't die). The grenades will blow up and you can now walk through the wall.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Bear

    Getting High

    To do this cheat you must be doing Outskirts.

    Start playing Outskirts (on any difficulty preferebly easy at first) and go through the first door. You will see a light which you might already know that you can jump onto. When you jump on the light you will see a wall. Jump onto it. then there will be another wall behind you. You need to grenade jump onto there. When you've done that, walk along the path. You should be directly ontop of the crash site. Cross one of the beams that act like bridges and then go away from the pelican. there will be a tall arch bridge. Jump onto and cross by jumping onto the building, then jump on the other building on the left. If you look down you should see a broken bridge on the other side. Jump onto the left side then jump onto the further away edge. Jump then onto the building and explore. You should be on the highest place in outskirts. You can then explore higher. You can also sit on the place where the two snipers are at sniper alley. You can walk all around the top and also get onto the top of the Zanzibar Hotel.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Donny Dissinger

    Plasma Grenade Fireworks

    For this glitch, you have to be on a 2 player field or else it won't work. Find 2 plasma grenades. Throw them both in a row but throw them in the same place. To throw them in the same place, stay in one area while throwing them. The first plasma grenade will blow the other one in the air and the second one will blow up in the air and it will look like fireworks!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jesus

    Lockout Super Bounce

    First you go to the oppisite tower the sniper rifle is on. Then go to the middle floor where the little hole is that you can drop down that leads to the sword but don't go down it then you take a left where the two ramps are and your there.

    Now for the Super Bounce. when you first walk out the door leading to the ramps look to your right and you will see a dome like thing coming out of the wall. If you walk right up to it and you look down and if you can see the bottom of the level then your in the right place. (you can not see all the way to the very bottom of the level but I think you get the idea) now you need to crouch under the part sticking out and walk under. (dont worry you cant fall down) Now look to the ramp leading down to the sword (dont move from where you are) now look to your right and you will see a hand railing or ledge that goes at a weird curv as it goes down. Now jump on the railing a little behind where it starts to curve and go down. Now dont move your guy or you will mess it up all you can do is move the aimer, now aim right where the rail goes sraight again. (you should be aiming down) Now jump and hold forward the whole time until you hit the rail and try to land on the part of the rail that is straight (not slanted) and you should bonce up and land on a pillar high in the air. (when you jump you should try to jump out over the pit of nothing and then land on the rail). Somtimes your guy will do baby bounces that wont get you close to high enough to get on the pillar but if you do it means you are extremely close you are also close if when you hit the railing you all of a sudden die. This is a very hard glitch to learn but once you learn it, it is easy to master. While you are in the air after you super bounced dont hold forward hold right.

  • Xbox | Submitted by David Middleton

    Superbounce on Zanzibar

    In the level Zanzibar, go to the end of the wheel closest to the ledge that would have the sniper on it in Team Slayer. First jump on the edge of the wheel. There should be some fusion reactors there. Go to the side of the fusion reactors where there is a small ledge with a corner of the wheel on it. Crouch unnderneath the corner of the wheel. Let go of crouch, but make sure you are still crouching under it. Then run foreward and jump just at the edge. Going up the ramp to where the sniper is there is a railing. As soon as you hit the railing, then press a. You will go flying on top of the wheel.

  • Xbox | Submitted by HaloCheat

    How to get Free Ammo


    In order for this to work an ally must be around and have a different weapon than the two guns you have. Trade with your ally at the same time you are reloading and then take it back and the gun should have a fully loaded cilp with the ammo before you reloaded. It should work every time.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Eddie Hayes

    At the top of Warlock

    In the map Warlock

    To get to the top of Warlock, go to the blue base. Jump onto the crack to the right of it to super bounce way into the air and land on a piece of platform which should enable you to be able to walk right up onto the top of Warlock.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Halo Elite

    Map Glitches

    (note: Xbox Live will occasionally patch glitches, so if you're on Live glitches may stop working.)

    Ivory Tower 1
    Tower 1 is where the sniper is located and a big fork high above it. Go near the edge of the sniper area and look down at the slanted pillar holding up the tower. Jump and land directly in the middle of the pillar. Go too low and you will fall toward your death. Go too high up and you will fall toward your death.

    Ivory Tower 2
    Tower 2 is the tower opposing tower 1. Go to the bridge connecting the banshee landing pad and tower 2. Just before going up the ramp to tower 2 look to the right and the player should see a small ledge. Jump onto the ledge and look over the edge opposite the wall. Now fall (not jump) down and you should land safely into an area fill with smoke.

    Outside of Ivory Tower
    Go to the ramp that contains the over shield. Go to the top of the ramp and turn left, and then take another left on a small railing. Have anther person stand on the other side of the railing, behind the glass. Use the force field penetration glitch to go through the glass and fall to the edge below Ivory Tower.

    Bever Creek Teleportation Frying
    Melee any rock to the back of either base and have it rest on the teleporter. Have the player jump over the rock into the teleporter and then run back into the teleporter they came out of. The players screen should go white, the controller should vibrate, and you should lose some shield.

    Burial Mounds Holograms
    Have a player grab a wraith and go near the pillar where the ghost is located. Have another player duck and walk backwards into the pillar. The player in the wraith should boost into the player near the pillar. If successful, the player will fall through the pillar and their hologram will appear in the sky.

    Zanzibar Beach Force Field Penetration
    Have one player get into the wraith and another person stand as close as possible to the force field in the water. The person in the wraith should ram the person near the force field and he/she will go through it. Use the force field penetration to get other players across the force field.

    Getting outside of Zanzibar
    Get onto the roof of Zanzibar and go to the corner. Have one person equip the sword and lock onto the player (the player with the sword should be facing the wall, a little to left) and have the player without the sword jump. The player with the sword should sword cancel and fly over the force field and be able to explore.

    Zanzibar Disappearing Bridge Trick
    Go to the bridge leading to the sword and rocket launcher. Have at least ten people stand on the bridge or until bridge starts creaking. After a minute or two the bridge will disappear, causing all players to drop.

    Getting out of Coagulation
    Get into the spectra and go to the left of the red base (near the rocks). Boost up the wall and up the highest point. Have a player stand near the wall and duck. Have the driver of the spectra boost into the player and, if done correctly, he/she will fly over the force field and be able to explore. Use the force field penetration and/or sword cancellation to get other players across the force field.

Halo 2 Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Mystic Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Sacred Icon
    Effect: ???

    There is a semi-outdoor area which has a similar area right next to it. There is a large sentinel in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and you'll be in a very dark and dank Flood-infested area. There's a stack of boxes as you enter the room: use them to jump up to the right ledge and the skull is in a vent floating above a dead Human/Flood .

  • Xbox | Submitted by HaloKing1

    Warthog Super Jump

    Anywhere with a warthog

    Go to any level multipayer or game, and enter a warthog, have your friend stand in front of the warthog while you sit in the passenger seat with an energy sword. Lock on to him and pull the trigger and hold on to the triiger. Have your friend walk about 50 to 80 feet ahead of the car.Once you see your friend from a distance, look up(so you can go flying up)and release the trigger and hit the X button(aka sword cancelation). You will go flying up into the air. This is great for multiplayer especially at Zanzibar to get on top of the wheel.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Catch Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Metropolis
    Effect: ???

    Right after you get out of the sewers (Tunnel), there is a big area with 2 Ghosts. Kill every thing first, then go to the middle where you see a arch that leads up onto a building. Grenade jump to start climbing it. When you get to the top take a left and hug the wall around the structure and the skull will be there.

  • Xbox | Submitted by roy

    Grunt B-Day Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: The Arbiter
    Effect: Shoot enemy in the head and they will explode.

    The very first time you get a Banshee, fly down. Below you is a large beamlike structure (not to be confused with the one directly below you that turns and goes vertical) running from the arm of the station you just came out of to one exactly like it on the side opposite. Below this structure are 3 cylinders hanging down, with cylinders of light shooting out of the bottom that look like they are what keeps the station floating. If my explanation is too vague, they are the absolute lowest parts of the station. Now go to the middle engine and land on the top part of it. This and the other engines connect to the large structure mentioned earlier. The tops of the engines come up to meet the structure at an angle, where this angle is under the connecting structure and coming up to meet it, there is a place to walk (like being under a bridge). Under one side you will see the six grunts with the skull in the middle.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Infinite Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Quarantine Zone
    Effect: Infinite energy sword and leap kill from far away

    Get the tank and find the holes along the walls. Take a tank to the one with a cliff right above it and back the tank up against it and up the hill backwards. Get out and climb up on the tank, then grenade jump to the next part. From there you can go anywhere and the skull is on the opposite side of the level.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Sputnik Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Quarantine Zone
    Effect: Low gravity effect of some sort ???

    From the start of the level, look to your left for an Elite. To the left of the Elite there is a tunnel. Head into the tunnel and go straight until you reach a cliff. Now turn left and follow the cliff till you reach a rock wall. To the right of the wall and the cliff is a narrow passage, skull is at the end of that passage.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Famine Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: The Oracle
    Effect: All preset human weapons that are picked up start at half ammo

    There should be a glass thing in the room after you kill the first few Flood. Go in there, break the glass and then crouch jump to the whatever it is in the middle of the room, some type of glass structure wall type thing. Now jump to the opposite side of the wall you came in on, on the ledge, and the skull is there.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Angry Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Grave Mind
    Effect: ???

    Fight all the way through the Covenant city until you reach the outdoors. As soon as you are outside, stick to the right-hand side and walk along the wall. You should see a Covenant wall thingy with a red rail on it. Jump up to it (crouch jump helps) and at the end there is the Angry skull in a small grav-lift.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Thunderstorm Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Cairo Station
    Effect: Covenant vehicles are more resistant/ All elite forms take their highest level.

    After you take out the second room of Covenant boarding the ship, the game says "Priority Shift". Shortly after this you will go to the armory where you will have to take out a couple of Elites. The next room is "Commons B.01" (a large room with trees and a window at the end on the second floor that has a plasma turret. The skull is on the highest ledge behind you, above the doorway where you enter this room. Take out all the baddies and proceed to the window with the turret. Jump to the left onto the ledge from the window. You'll notice several diagonal supports that lead up to two thin rails that run the length of the room. Make a well timed jump/duck from one of the diagonal beams to the rails. Follow the rails all the way to the other end of the room and you will see a ledge on the left with a trash can. Knock over the trashcan to reveal the "Thunderstorm" skull.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Envy Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Delta Halo
    Effect: Master Chief cloaks like the Arbiter

    On the level "Delta Halo" on Legendary Difficulty, progress until you reach the area during the "Push through the covenant held ruins" scene where you have to clear a Landing Zone for the Pelican to drop weapons. I beleive you will know you are in the right area when Cortana says "They're pouring out of the center building." The area has Plasma turrets along its borders. A little bit past the left side turret you will see the outline of a door in a wall, but the door has a solid rock slab in it and a rock in front of it. Jump on the rock then jump to the ledge above the door, then jump on the ledge to the left. Now jump onto the building with the sealed door using grenades. Atop the building you will find two dancing elites and the "Envy Skull". Pick up the envy skull and you will be able to use Active Camoflage like the Arbiter.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Iron Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: High Charity
    Effect: ???

    On the last Master Chief Level, on Legendary Difficulty, when you enter the final Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must start holding "X" a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Slater

    Blind Skull

    When you start off Outskirts (They'll Regret That Too), walk over to the 1st door and look up at the halogen light, then jump up on top of the light. Then look up at the wall with the stripes and jump toward it. You should land on top of the lower roof. Once you're up there turn right and you should see a dark hallway. Walk to the end of the hallway and look look down to find the skull. Pick up the skull by hitting the X button. Be WARNED this is the "Blind Skull" so your motion sensor, your gun, and entire HUD will be erased. To stop blindness turn off your Xbox and start over.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Victor r

    Assassins Skull

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Regret
    Effect: All enemies in game are permanently cloaked, AI cannot see them and so are no help at all.

    In the level Regret, on Legendary Difficulty, immediately after the gondola ride following the battle with the Hunters, there will be a building with two turrets on it. Enter the building and turn to your left. There will be a box. Jump on it. From there jump to the adjacent light fixture, then to the ledge. The ledge leads to the area with the two turrets. Once there use a grenade jump to get onto the roof area, then, using croutch jumps and grenade jumps, follow the right side perimeter of the building. Once you have gone as far as you can go you will find a small grassy area with two cloaked dancing elites and the Assassins skull. Once you pick up the skull all enemies will have active camoflage.

Halo 2 Unlockables

  • PC | Submitted by MasterChiefz


    Complete Each Level (30 pts. each) – Complete each level on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary. With 13 levels, you can score a total of 390 points.
    Assassin (10) - Melee kill an opponent from behind
    Bonecracker (10) - Hit and kill an opponent from behind
    Carjacking (5) - Steal an occupied vehicle from an opponent and take it over
    Counterpoint (5) - Kill the sword carrier
    Demon (25) - Complete any level without dying (except tutorial)
    Double Kill (20) - Kill two opponents within four seconds
    Go Ape Shiv (20) - Kill an enraged, berserk Brute by melee
    Hero (50) - Complete the game on Heroic difficulty
    Killing Spree (20) – Kill five opponents in a row
    Killtacular (20) – Kill four opponents in a row
    King of the Scrab (20) - Get the Scrab gun on the Metropolis level
    Legend (50) - Complete the game on Legendary difficulty
    Rainman (25) - Play every game variant, with at least 3 other players, until the end of the game
    Roadkill (10) - Run over and kill an opponent with a vehicle
    Running Riot (20) – Run over and kill ten opponents
    Slient but Deadly (20) - Kill seven enemies in a row without being spotted
    Stick It (5) - Stick an opponent (MP) with a plasma grenade and blow them up
    Triple Kill (20) – Kill three opponents
    Violent Cartographer (25) - Play every default map and stay in the game until it's over
    Warrior (100) - Complete the game on Normal difficulty

  • Xbox | Submitted by 0 gravity

    Foundation level

    Final level

    Have a campaign that has access to the final level.Then create a totally new profile that is clean (hasn't even started the campaign). Do a co-op campaign using both those profiles. The first time you are to use a banshee have the player with the clean profile do a barrel role in the banshee left and right and then do a back flip. Fight through the level and beat the game.When the credits are over log out of the game and log back in as the clean profile. Do a multiyplayer GAME and the foundation level will be open. Enjoy

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Foundation Multi Player map

    Finish the game one time in single player using any difficulty.

Halo 2 Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by The King of Chaos (Darth Slayer)

    Scarab Gun in Yellow Warthog


    On Headlong there is a way to get the yellow warthog. Grab a sword and a rocket launcher and go over near the yellow warthog sign. Get your friend to hop onto your head. Now look up, jump, he jumps, jump again, use the sword cancellation when he comes down and he'll shoot up like a rocket. Keep doing this until he lands on the platform above the slanted ledge that is above the sign. Now get him to try and pick up the invisible key lying somewhere up there. When he picks it up a grate will appear near the overturned bus, and the yellow warthog will spawn out of it. It'll spawn there for the rest of the match. Blow it up with your rocket launcher (must use a rocket launcher) and in the wreckage is the scarab gun!!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Mendez

    Roof Climbing

    On the Roofs in Outskirts

    First of all, you need to have 2 players. Play on Outskirts. When the Pelican crashes, you have to go to a building to take cover. Instead, when you just go out the door into the courtyard, there will be lights on each side of the wall. This is when the 2nd player comes in. He will have to jump on the light, and so will you. Then jump on the 2nd player and jump onto the ledge. Then the and the 2nd player has to try to get up (Just let the 2nd player die and he will respawn to your position). You might recognize the place because it's where the Blind Skull is. And there will be a corner to your right (not where the skull is), before the edge. Then the 2nd player has to stand in that corner, and you jump on him to get onto the roof (the 2nd player can die once your up to respawn next to you). Once you've done that, you can just jump on roofs. That way you can get to hotel Zanzibar without killing anyone!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tman

    Jumping Elites

    Preferebly Delta Halo, Elites are usually alone

    Whenever you see an elite(preferably one thats alone) go up to it WITH A FRIEND and just start whacking it. It will never be able to stop you if you alternate turns of hitting it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by PhsychoMonkey78

    Sanctuary Superjump

    this superjump lets you get on a tree branch if you do it right

    Go to the grassy side of the map. Now turn to the left (if you are looking straight at the base). In front of the ramp leading to the carbine, crouch under the rock with the smooth side until you get stuck. Then, run up the ramp and jump on the right part of the rock/ tile jutting out. If it shakes a lot, you were close, if you fall through, you were even closer. If you do it just right, you can hide on a branch for the whole game.

  • PC, Xbox | Submitted by Smurfy

    Hidden Sniper Point

    In Outskirts, after you go through the first battle area, go to the second sniper alley (area with the flies and snipers on roofs past the highway & pelican). Go straight foreward to the platform with the purple box on it. To your left there should be another alley and a no dog sign and no littering (red circles). To the right of the signs, there is a overhang in the alley and then a bridge type thing above that. Using the platform, jump from it to the overhang and then on the bridge thing and then the roof. Go to the end of the roof. Jump to the next roof that has two windows. Go to your right and jump up the steps to the other roof where you will see the area where you would have gone through if you had gone through the alley. Across that, there is another building ang there is a hole in the roof. Jump over there and go through the hole. Then you should see the front of Hotel Zanzibar.

  • Xbox | Submitted by .hack best RPG

    Sniping Place

    In multiplayer map Headlong is a secret sniping place. Take a Banshee and fly to the two warthogs and then fly as high as you can. You will find a slope. Fly high to the edge and turn left(use the Banshee's wing as a hand). Get on this area, land the Banshee at the left wall and leave it. Jump on the Banshee and then jump on the higher level. From there you can snipe other players.

  • Xbox | Submitted by DuelMaster Klarx - Halographonics

    IWHBYD Skull

    Level: Outskirts

    Difficulty: Any
    Level: Outskirts
    Words on screen: "I would have been your Daddy"
    Effect:Apparently, this skull unlocks all sorts of interesting dialogue. Check out this link for more information.

    How to get to the skull: The specifics of this skull are still a bit sketchy. The best thing to do is watch the videos showing how to spawn the skull and just keep trying until you get it to spawn. The main thing appears to be getting the checkpoint right past the pelican that picks up Johnson. This checkpoint spawns the sniper jackals in 'sniper alley.' The skull itself is in a room on a balcony. The room contains a sniper rifle and sniper ammo, and if you're one of the lucky ones who can get the skull to spawn, it will also contain the skull. Picking up the skull teleports you to the ground level, and gives you just a Plasma Pistol. You will quickly be assaulted by Elites. Some people say that grunts and jackals will also spawn, but I've never seen them do so. In my video, 7 waves (not 6, like I said initially) of Spec Op Elites come out. Killing the last Elite will have the text for the skull flash, meaning that you have to kill all of the Elites to actually finish getting the skull. If you die to the Elites, and your checkpoint no longer spawns the skull, kill yourself 4 or 5 times to be pushed back one extra checkpoint. The skull should spawn for you again, so you can try the fight again.

  • Xbox | Submitted by DuelMaster Klarx - Halograhonics

    Ghost Skull

    Level: Uprising

    Difficulty: Legendary
    Level: Uprising
    Words on screen: "Ghost"
    Effect:Unknown. Some reports say enemies take longer to notice you or react to your presence.

    How to get to the skull: After the outdoor area with all the ghosts and grunts, there is an 'L' shaped room that is seen throughout the level. It is right after the armory room that is full of covenant and human weapons. Grenade jump using a jacked ghost up to the rafters and it's up there. You can also push a box from the armory room into the hallway, and jump on this box. The skull is right above the door, and if you hold X down while jumping close enough to the skull you will pick it up, even if you're not in the rafters and the skull isn't visible.

  • Xbox | Submitted by matrixmark (ultimate uk on xbox live)

    Triple Wield

    This only works with a needler. First, pick up a needler, say if you had an SMG. Then swap back to the SMG. Search the map/level and swap the SMG for a needler (not the one you already have) then dual weild that with a third needler (so you are holding 2 and there is an image of the third in the top right corner) then fire. It may not look it but it has the effect of three needlers going off at one time.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Danny Perdomo

    Swords on Delta Halo

    When you shoot the grunt in the gun turrets, there will be a big block on the right. Jump onto the block and throw grenades in the space and run. After a while the block will move and you will find two swords next to two dead grunts.

  • Xbox | Submitted by ????? the hope#1 gamer

    A Big Gun on Delta

    After the gondola ride, you will come on some Jackals and some flying bugs - you can easily kill them. You'll notice a few slopes leading upwards. Walk up all the slopes and you'll find a grunt - kill it and walk behind the grunt, and you will find 2 plasma grenades and the fuel rod gun.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Andrew Middlebrooks

    Zanzibar Wheel Trick

    When you go into Zanzibar, go to the right side of the wheel (looking at the wheel from the sniper deck), crouch, and then let go. Turn around and run and jump, holding forward the whole time. Jump to the left side of the sniper deck, right down the corner, onto a crack that separates the deck ramp from the ground. You should jump right up and land on top of the big tower.

  • Xbox | Submitted by ash

    Nice Sniping Spot on Headlong

    When playing on Headlong, get the banshee and fly around until you find the cranes. There will be a platform - land on it, park the banshee in the corner and jump up a level. Then do a super jump to get onto the cranes. Pull out your sniper and kill.

  • Xbox | Submitted by master cheif

    Kill Elites More Easily (On Legendary)

    Get a Plasma Pistol and a Battle Rifle. First charge up the pistol, then shoot, and right when it hits the elite you shoot him or snipe him in the head.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Raikoh, The Wanderer

    How to Crouch-Jump

    Anywhere single or multiplayer

    Jump then while in air crouch (L3, click left analog). Trust me you do go higher.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Alex Jennings

    Instant Ghost Destruction

    Works in campaign, any level, and difficulty, and even multiplayer!

    On the left side of the ghost (left side to the drivers perspective), there is a small circle like object jutting out. I call it a gas tank, as it is a very easy way to destroy a ghost and its driver. All you need is a battle rifle (the best weapon to use for this), or any other HUMAN weapon. Just shoot the "gas tank" with with you human weapon (one shot with B.R. should do it), and the ghost will instantly blow up, along with the driver.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Cobra "David Cross"

    Dual Wielding

    These are the following weapons that can be Dual Wielded.

    1. Human Pistol (Weaker)
    2. Plasma Pistol
    3. SMG
    4. Needler (stronger)
    5. Plasma Rifle
    6. Covenant

    When you dual wield you are bringing death to your enemies, but the bad thing bout dual wielding is that you can not throw grenades, Melee attack, and reloading takes much longer.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar


    If you are in a closed area (small room, hall way, etc.) then hold only 1 weapon, so you can throw grenades. If you are in a open area (big room, outside, forest, etc.) than have 2 weapons in hand because grenades will be useless.

  • Xbox | Submitted by esrever

    Weapons List and tips

    Here is a Complete list of the weapons in Halo 2.

    2.SMG x
    3.Battle Rifle z
    4.shotgun s
    5.Sniper Rifle 2z,h
    6.Rocket Launcher l,s
    7.Plasma pistol x,b
    8.Plasma rifle x,b
    9.Brute plasma rifle sp,x,b
    10.Covenent Carbine 2z
    11.Brute shot s
    12.Needler x,l
    13.Covenent sniper rifle 2z,h,b
    14.Fuel rod cannon s,sp
    15.Sword l

    x:can dual
    h:can head shot
    z:can zoom once
    z:can zoom twice
    l:can lock on
    s:Splash damage
    b:uses a battery(non reloadable)
    sp: Single player only

    All weapons without an actual zoom have some kind of zoom with no targeting reticle. Shooting pulls you out of it.

    The battle rifle shoots 3 rounds at a time
    The shotgun splash is actually the multiple bullets it sends flying
    The rocket launcher can lock on on vehicles (or subsystems like on the cov transports) by holding the right trigger down.
    The brute plasma rifle is a speeded up version of the conventional one but also overheats faster and its red. (i prefer normal version.)
    The carbine is the covenant equivalent of the battle rifle which shoots one shot at a time.
    The Brute shot fires grenades which can be compared with frags but with less splash and damage and it has a wicked blade to dish out some pain at a short distance.
    The needler shoots needle that automatically homes in on target but can be easily avoided at long range but mortal when dual wielding at close to medium range. 7 or more needles in the body creates an explosion that will kill most targets.
    The covenant sniper rifle can overheat while his human counterpart wont.
    The fuel rod is a splash machine...better not be to trigger happy in close range with that.
    The sword is by far my favorite weapon because you can "lock on" in a certain distance and leap for the kill. Someone a high ledge given you trouble? If you can lock onto him hes toast.

  • Xbox | Submitted by esrever


    Ok now here is a description of ALL vehicles.

    ONLY ship you can fly
    Pretty fun to ride
    Has boost
    Can make loopings and barrels using the A button and directions
    Fast blue plasma weapon
    Bomb(SP only)
    Strong vs Ghost, Sniper
    Weak vs Scorp Tank, Rocket(one shot one kill)

    Has boost
    Fast blue plasma weapon
    Strong vs infantry,mortar tank
    Weak vs Scorp Tank, Rocket(one shot one kill)

    1 pilot,1 gunner, 1 passenger
    Strong vs infantry,banshee
    Weak vs Scorp Tank,Rocket(one shot 3 kills)

    1 pilot,1 gunner, 1 passenger
    Strong vs All vehicles (1 shot kills everything except tanks)
    Weak vs Scorp Tank, Rocket(one shot 3 kills)

    Scorpion Tank
    Impossible to destroy (or almost)
    Even secondary machine gun pwns
    Only way is hijacking but pilot must suck like hell
    Strong vs ALL
    Weak vs ???

    Mortar Tank (sorry just cant remember name)
    SUCKS compared to Scorp
    Has boost of 2 or 3 secs with cooldown
    Strong for bombarding
    Weak vs almost everything (hijacking is so easy)
    Has some kind of secondary fire in SP when enemies use it 2 turrets of blue plasma (read below) never was able to use it tho...

    Covenant Warthog (sorry just cant remember name)
    Same as machinegun warthog except it fires SUPERQUICK red plasma
    2 passengers
    Has boost wich wont keep gunner from fireing
    Not that strong or weak you only have almost no protection.
    1 rocket shot 4 KILLS

    Giant 4 legged behemoth you CANT USE
    You cant kill it
    You can hijack it (dont ask don't want to give spoilers)
    NOT in multi
    Weapons we all dream about

    rear gunner
    transports ALL humans vehicles (tank too)

    Covenant dropship
    3 turrets!!! but easy kill with rocket
    Will often stay near for a while just to piss you off

    Prophet Chair
    Yes you read right : Prophet Chair
    Wicked weaponry
    You can "hijack" (climb on that thing and beat the crap out of that sob)

    Big red plasma (HURTS)
    Small blue plasma (joke)
    Sniping post (nonmoving ring hovering a little above earth to help covenant snipers(bastards))

    Machinegun(fun to use)

    Can hijack ANY multiplayer vehicle
    Tanks:beat the crap out of a panel(pilot position or rear) and then throw grenade in for final punch
    Others (just take place of the current guys

    Even if not in teams you can take any place used or not so you can have a blue gunner and red pilot (gunner cant hit own vehicle in that way)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Sean Dominguez

    How to get the Scarab Gun

    The scarab gun is a weapon only found on the level Metropolis and it fires the exact same way as the scarab you destroy. When you start off in the beginning of the level, take a vehicle, either the tank or warthog. When you reach the end of the bridge, there should be 4 Banshees flying and Cortana say's "That's quite a welcome party." Destroy all the Banshees except for one. This is the hardest part of the process: you have to lure the Banshee slowly throught the tunnels using your vehicle. When you reach the the hole that leads to the field of Jackal snipers it will begin to say loaing. While it loads, board the Banshee so that you're in when its done loading. When you fly to the field of Jackal snipers, look up and you should see two bridges. Fly to the first one in the Banshee and you should find a modified plasma rifle floating on top of an orange cone with an exclamation marked on the cone. Grab it and you've got the scarab gun, the most powerful gun in the game.

  • Xbox | Submitted by .hack best RPG

    Tips for playing as an Elite

    After the first four levels of Halo 2 (though it feels like one smooth ride!), you get to play as the Elite that was being punished by the Prophets in the intro! Yep you play as an Elite doing whatever the Prophets want. For the first level you are sent to a forerunner facility to quell the Heresy therin. The beginning is easy as you just kill grunts and Elites with the help of your grunt and elite pals, but near the middle of the level you face another enemy...the Flood!! This is when things get harder. After that you and your Elite allies go chase after the Heretic, cut the ropes holding up the forerunner facility as it free alls to the ground you must go back to that ship you saw and defeat the heretic but he has two holograms of himself attack all of them and dont let up because it is possible to vanish the holograms forever. After that you meet up with a little blue thing bent on destroying all life....guilty spark!!! The key to beating this level is activating you active camo, you can do this by pressing the white button but this does not ladt forever the little circle near your grenades is how much more time you have lefts until it runs out so watch it carefully! Use this to avoid battles!

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Be The Gunner

    Get to a 'Hog and jump in the gunner/passenger seat and let the marines drive. It will usually be more effective than you driving.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matt C.

    Banshee in Control Room

    This is an easy way to beat Tatarus on legendary (the last boss), if you can get past the first part of the level. Ok, so when Sgt. Johnson blows the control room doors open with the Scarab don't go in, instead fly around the right side of the spherical structure. Just about half way up the sphere there is a legde going around it, and attached to that ledge is a light that is shining upwards. Take your Banshee just behind that light and boost (left trigger for all u noobs) right toward the center of the sphere, and try to hit the building. The cutscene should kick in, if you did this right once you start playing again (inside the control room) turn around and inside the hallway where all the elites are coming out of there should be your Banshee. If it didn't work try again, it's not that hard.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Johnston Thayer

    Destructible Parts

    As you probably already know Halo 2 has destructible vehicles. Good places to shoot the vehicles are on the hub cap for the warthog, on the wings for the ghost, and try to hit the tank with a rocket launcher pretty much anywhere.

Halo 2 Easter Eggs

  • Xbox | Submitted by ollieherozero

    Info on Guardian or 'Ghost'


    On headlong there has been many report of this guardian. I have been playing today and have found something very odd. First of all is when you get a banshee and fly it at the slope above the crashed bus, use boost from a run as high as you can go, like you're trying to get on top and you should just fall out of your banshee and die. Your screen should say 'You fell to your death'. Very odd. Now I am a very sad person and play Halo 2 far too much and me and my cousin conduct 'Guardian hunts'. We wait and wait and wait on headlong until something happens. Things rarely happen but when they do they are spectacular! I have actually seen a ghost player. It is a BLACK! spartan. Almost like the Halo 1 style and usually has pretty much ANY WEAPON!, I have had the tank turn its turret and shoot about 7 machine gun bullets around me when it spawned. Glitch or not, thats just weird right? I have been shot by sniper rifles, rockets and had plasma grenades thrown on me when I was on a warthog. This ghost or guardian is a force to be reckoned with. If you want to see him then you have to play for about 2 hours before anything starts to happen.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Tman

    Fun On Zanzibar


    First Put Every vehicle on the map. Then get in any of them (tank and warthog are best) and go to the big wheel. Get in the path of the wheel and drive toward it. If you are in the warthog press powerslide. It will push you up. Then when it pushes you out slide down the wheel to the middle. Look up to your vehicle. It should start tumbling down to you and right over you. You might die. To prevent this stick close to the arm. If you do it enough times it will blow up right over you.

  • Xbox | Submitted by the bestest

    Easier Way to get Giant Soccer Ball


    First get the Sputnik Skull before you do this. Go to Metropolis and get to where your on the street where the wraiths are before you go into the building. Go to the destroyed building and you will see a space blown open in the building. Melee cars over to the building right under the hole. Then have your friend jump on the car and throw grenades under the car. The grenade will explode sending the car and your friend flying. If done right you should be able to go into the space. This may take a few tries. It took me quite a while to get in there. If you run out of grenades do not go back to last checkpoint. Instead kill your friend and every time you kill him he should drop a grenade.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Sid Bowman

    Another halo 2 "7" reference...

    on Headlong, by the ocean

    set your Xbox date to 77-77-7777. go to Headlong and look at the sign that normally warns you of shark attacks (it's by the ocean). also there are a lot of references to this image, the number 7, and purple hippos throughout the halo series.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Elliot

    Find a Cigar

    The first level

    On the first level, after you do the test, look at the train but don't get on it. Turn until you see a trash can. Look behind it and you'll see a cigar.

  • Xbox | Submitted by jeff

    Soccer Ball


    To find the soccer ball, jack a ghost and lure a banshee down the first tunnel until it says loading, then jack it. Fly past everything - when you see a wraith fly over the wall behind it and a building that is partly demolished, fly into all the holes until you find the soccer ball.

  • Xbox | Submitted by delta 01/138

    Funny Computer

    In the level Zanzibar, go to the room where you press the switch to open the gate. Once you press the switch, the computer will say:"A complete FU has occured near your location. All security will be shut down. Press any key to restart the system. If system does not restart, scream at top of lungs and pound on keypad. If you need to see a programmer, press any other key."

  • Xbox | Submitted by Zen Baltes

    Outskirts- Rooftop energy sword

    I am going to start from the begining of the level- you have to fight ur way through the covenant forces and all that jazz in the first area. Then you need to get on the roof tops some how- via the pile of rubble in the ally left by the hunters or how ever you can manage to get there. then make your way over to where the pelcan comes down and drops off the troops and picks up sarge- IMPORTANT- you have to jump on to the pelican and (first person) go to the right wing and stand on it- next you have to jump onto the building on your right- while the pelican is taking off. cross sniper alley - the place where the jackals are shooting at you and where the buggers are flying around- cross on to the red roof- if you were to go down the alley the roof would be the one with the jackal sniper on it- DO NOT GO TO WHERE THE SNIPER NORMALLY IS- There is an invisible wall and it will throw you off the roof! go up the red roof ramp- make a left and there should be a hole in the ceiling- jump down and there will be a sword with 100% energy and a blood splater.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Lewis Rainford

    25 Sayings of Unggoy (Grunts)

    You may notice when you are on a Covenant sided level, when you swap a weapon with a Grunt, they may say something funny. These are some sayings my friend and I rounded up:
    "Fair is fair" "Works for me" "Sure" "Uneven trade!" "Me use" "You the boss" "Fair, fair" "Not a problem!" "Present from Arbiter, ooooooh!" "Me not worthy!" "Running low is it?" "What's the catch?" "Heeeelloooo!" "Me have bad feeling about this!" "See Heretic!" "Heretic boss, you see, you see?!" "Stinky bad bad!" "Oh Arbiter, powerful Arbiter!" "Get your boots out!" "Very bad thing!" "That just greedy!" "Me thank Arbiter!" "Just trying to help!" "Together we kill em' all!" "You hunt me kill!"

  • Xbox | Submitted by zach_newcomer

    Invincible Warthog

    Go onto the Outskirts level. Defeat all the enemies including the Hunters. Follow the level from there untill you get to the part where the big Phantom ship is. After the ship leaves, go around the bridge to find a downed Pelican and a Ghost right next to it. Go south from the Pelican and you should see a Warthog. Jump into there by using the rocks on the right, then a few well placed gernades should blow it out of there. Congratulations! You now have a Warthog that will not blow up.