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Gran Turismo 6 Coffee Break Challenges Guide

International A Series - Coffee Break Challenge #8

Drift Challenge Trial 2

Drifting is back with a vengeance, this time on the dark city streets of the Special Stage Route 5 Clubman track. Your ride is a superbly-equipped Mazda RX-7 Touring Car, built for sliding across the pavement with reckless abandon.

As before, your goal is to generate just enough points in each of the five stages to get to the magical number of 5800 to get Gold. Also as before, you’ll need to be patient and practice the very acquired skill of drifting, which involves the dexterity to accelerate into a slide then carry it across a significant length of the track without losing control.

Heading into Zone 1, you’ll need to be near 100 MPH as you cross the line. Then, e-brake on the left turn to execute a long, powerful slide across the course of the winding left-hand turn. Stay close to the left inside line to give yourself as much room as possible. Your goal here is 1900 points to stay on target for Gold.

Zone 2 switches directions as an S-curve halfway through, so you’ll need to account for that. Go slowly – between 40 and 70 MPH will do the trick – and try to get at least 1500 points here. It’s a harder zone than the first, but there’s also more directions to attack.

Zone 3 is smaller but perfect to get at least 1200 points, as it’s shortened S-curve is preceded by a straightaway that will let you accelerate to 85 MPH before entering. Be careful to ensure a right-to-left turn to get points during virtually the entire stretch here; without doing so, there’s no chance at Gold. You need to have at least 4800 overall points by the time you’re done with Zone 3.

Zone 4 also starts at the end of a long straight, but don’t be fooled – slow down from the high 90’s to the high 70’s by the time you start this zone, otherwise you’ll smash into the guardrail and your dreams of Gold will be dashed. This is another extremely short zone, with one hard turn – be sure to drift the entire time to get the needed 700 points heading into the last zone.

By the time you’re heading into the final zone, you should have at least 4800 points – but try for at least 5000. If not, keep going for practice purposes but be prepared to start over. If have 5300 or more, you’re in great shape. All you need to do it e-brake hard left right after crossing into the zone. Doing so should net you the remaining 1000 or so you need to net Gold.

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