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Gran Turismo 6 Coffee Break Challenges Guide

Novice Series - Coffee Break Challenge #1

Cone Challenge Trial 1

The Novice campaign in the career mode is where beginners learn the basics of Gran Turismo 6. It won't take you long to open the first Coffee Break Challenge, either. Once you do, you'll have the chance to try and knock down 300 cones in less than 21 seconds. The first few times you try it, it may seem impossible. It's definitely not, but you need to have the right plan to make it happen.

Your car - a 2007 Mazda Roadster ES - is pre-determined and unchangeable, so don't worry about trying to change it. These challenges level the playing field for everyone.

For starters, practice a few times to get the feel for the layout at the Gran Turismo Arena as well as the Roadster. Chances are this will be the first time you've been behind the wheel of one.

Your path is actually pretty easy; it's the execution and speed that is a bit tricky. Once the starting bell sounds, gun it and head straight. You'll take this at almost a straight line (you can wiggle to the left midway through to get a few extras, but don't go crazy) all the way to the giant boxes that await at the end of the line. There is no lack of cones in your direct path, so knock as many down as possible.

At the end of that straight line, there are 3 gray blocks blocking a bunch of cones (by this time, you need to be at around the 10 second mark and have knocked down at least 130 cones). This is the key to the entire challenge. Smash into the first one on the right side; this will knock it back into the two behind it, and also spin you to the right. This will line you up with a set of cones that curve to the right.

If you pulled it off correctly, you'll see a curving single-file line of cones in front of you (and to the right of the boxes you destroyed). This is the second major area for you to attack.

This line curves back to take you in the opposite direction that you started. Knock down all the cones in this line, then keep going straight past the small open area straight into a small bulk of cones directly ahead of you. Before you hit that batch, you should be at the 15 second mark and have knocked down at least 230 cones.

Smash into the bunch of cones straight ahead, and then quickly angle yourself to the left. By now you should be around the 16 second mark and have taken out 240 cones. To the left, you'll see another single-file line of cones that wind around. This is the final area for you to attack.

Get yourself in position to move from left to right, following the line of the cones. There are two sections that you'll follow, one after the other, until you crash into boxes just like the first batch you smashed into. Doing so will net you over 300 cones in just under the 21 seconds you need to nab gold.

It will take more than a few practice laps to get this right. The key points are the end of the straight line - nailing the brakes and steering just right to stop and head right - then moving to the left well enough after the second straight line of cones to head towards the last one. A few times through, and you'll be wearing gold.

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