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Gran Turismo 6 Coffee Break Challenges Guide

Super Series - Coffee Break Challenge #10

Drift Challenge Trial 3

The final challenge is another drift and – let’s be honest – it’s brutal. Your ride is an insane 2007 Dunlop ER34 Skyline, once again built for sliding across the pavement with abandon.

Your goal is to get to the magical (and crazy) number of 7,000 to get Gold – and you’ve only got 4 stages to attack. As always, you’ll need to be patient and practice the very acquired skill of drifting. Good luck!

Zone 1 is at the end of an S-curve, so you won’t be able to enter it at crazy speeds but you will need to be drifting right from the start. Use the e-brake almost all the way around the curve (which is the entire zone) to try and get at least 2,000 points. Stay close to the right inside line to give yourself as much room as possible.

Zone 2 is at the end of a straightaway, so you’ll want to be moving as fast as possible then e-brake into the turn. This is an extremely short zone, and you’ll want to try and get 1,000 points in the brief stretch. This means be drifting before you enter and all the way through and past the end of the zone.

Zone 3 is another turn that takes place at the end of a straightaway. It’s an S-turn, and unlike Zone 2, it’s nice and long. Throw your car around like a crazy person to soak up as many points as possible the whole time. Your target here is 2,000.

Zone 4 is last, and comes quickly after the end of Zone 3. It’s a series of 3 turns that should allow you to generate between 2,000 and 2,500 points, enough to just capture Gold.

This is the hardest one of all, and it could take dozens of times before you get Gold. Keep at it!

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