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Grab a Ryzen 7 2700X for $60 off on Cyber Monday - the CPU that redefined Ryzen at a fantastic price

Cyber Monday is steamrolling along with a ton of excellent PC deals and AMD is jumping on the bandwagon with an excellent price on a premium gaming CPU. The second generation of Ryzen processors has proved to be extremely competitive against their Intel equivalents, and with an already attractive MSRP, getting the 2700X at a significant discount is a tough deal to pass up. It's a beast for multi-threaded applications (like games) and will easily crush your threaded workload/browsing needs. If you've been waiting to upgrade your processor or, like a lot of gamers, the CPU is one of the last components you get around to, now is the time to get a great future-proofed workhorse at the lowest price of the year.

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